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BP Claims and BP Settlement Help

BP Claims will continue to be PAID

BP will have to continue to pay valid BP claims, under the terms of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

Judge Barbier saw through BP`s charade, as he acknowledged this is all gamesmanship on their end, so they can appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

We at have been fighting for victims rights, and to help people get claims paid since the very beginning.

We know BP, we know their true agenda, and it`s all about one thing at this point and that is saving money.
BP`s recent Offensive

First they are trying to scare people, and especially businesses from making claims. Don`t FALL for this, either your claims meet the parameters of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement or they do not.

There is no middle ground. If you feel you have a valid BP Claim we can and will assist you, we have the Largest BP Claims Network in the Country, between our in house claims, and our partner claims we have over 2 Billion Dollars in claims in the BP Settlement and over 300 Million PAID to Claimants.

Do Not Fall Prey to BP`s Tactics`s, they signed an open ended settlement agreement, that they most definitely wish they had not, and now want out of it all together.

If you want to know if you have a valid claims just call us at 1-800-BP- CLAIM or fill out the form to the right, we know BP Claims