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Examples: uk'-ul (drink-INTRAN), uk'-uk (drink-IRREAL), uk'-u' (drink-SPM); han-al (eat-INTRAN), han-ak (eat-IRREAL); tz'on (shoot), tz 'on-o' (shoot-SPM). 9) [ä] ~ [a] Several verbal morphosyntactic processes involving voice and transitivity show alternations of [ä] and [a]. For one class of verbs with roots of the form CaC, the harmonic suffixes described in 8) (except the SPM) appear as -äC. Examples: k-in-pa'-ik (INC-3-break-PPM), k-u-pa'-äl (INC-3-break-INTRAN), pa '-äk (break-IRREAL), buy im-paa' (1sg-break/SPM).

In the 1960s, Otto Schumann conducted linguistic fieldwork among the Itzá in the Petén. At that time, he reports there were two dialects, one spoken in San Andrés and the other in San José, neighboring towns across the lake from the departmental capital city, Flores. He compiled a slim volume, including a brief ethnography, a grammar, word list, and two short texts of the San José dialect (Schumann 1971) and separately published one other Itzá text (Schumann 1964). More recently, unpublished materials (largely textual) have been collected by a number of scholars, including Pierre Ventur, Ortwin Smailus, and Nikolai Grube.

11:53-4) I in-to'on-ehnak'-a'an-o'on t-u-ni' and EMP-1plIpr-TOP climb-PART-1pl at-3Ppr-top And as for us, we were up at the top a'-witz-eh, DET-hill-TOP of the hill, 5. (17:15-16) Wa tech k-a-kim-il taan-il-eh . . COND 2sgIpr INC-2-die-INTRAN front-POS-TOP If you die first, in-ten k-im-b'el, EMP-1sgIpr INC-1sg-go I am going 6. (15:204-5) layti' a'-miismo k'in he'-lo' 3Ipr DET-same day OST-DIST it was that same day sut-k'-ah-ih-eh. -DIST-3sg-REL that he returned. 7. (1:2)i t-u-ya'al-ah ten . .

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