New PDF release: A Grammar of Toba Batak

By H. N. Van Der Tuuk (auth.)

ISBN-10: 9401767076

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Whatever the case may be, and whatever the results of further investigati011JS into the intellectual models or guides of Van der Tuuk, it seems quite certain that such research will not detract from the value of Van der Tuuk's description of Toba Batak as a great linguistic pioneering work. In spirt:e of a number of antiquated preconceptions, the reflection of which is to be found in the NOTES to the text rather that in its body, he has in a most remarkable way kept to the facts as the basis for his description.

Tanga and not Mnga. As the beginner of a word it is difficult for most Europeans to pronounce. b. w (see 17). j (see 17). nj included in the alphabet, btllt not used in practice (see 7 Obs. 8). the vowel i when it is a separate syllable. the vowel u when it is a separate syllable. OBS. In tnany territories V7 is used instead of [ta] ·and ~ instead of [wa] (cf. DAIRI A). , =:;. - rapa. To remove the vowel, or to replace it with anOither, the anak ni surat are used, among which is il:he sign indicating ng as a closer, and the pangolat (3).

A. , [abab], as well as [abap]. 2. The s, as appears from 11, must be put in the edged consonant group. the Indian dental s, but without the downstroke on the right (cf. ~ with r ). The tj does not occur in Sub-Toba and Toba (see also MANDAILING A). The blunt sibilant z does not exist in any Batak dialect, though it is found in Malagasy, which is closely related to Toba: it would be to the s as the g to the k, the d to the t, and the b to the p, etc. OBS. OBS. 3. The consonants in whose reproduction the same organ of speech is used are termed homorganic; p, b, m and ware homorganic.

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