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By Christian Bourion (auth.)

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Such an embryo of integration could have enabled management to get out of the zero-sum game. 4. Initially based on financial resource sharing, participative management established the premise of power and decision-sharing. Given the increasing complexity of work situations, it became obvious that local managers were the only ones who were faced with reality and the practical aspects of work and who therefore knew what and what not to do. 5. The zero-growth period led to the development of spirituality and the return of individuality, which was the starting point of an extraordinary journey, a search for personal competency and development.

Let us hope that it becomes a true source of imagination for the generations to come, the warden of a temple that resists rationalism and its powerful supporters. Management and Power: Rivals A brief overview of Chapter 1 5. Power over oneself 4. Power sharing 3. Identity power 2. Hierarchic power 1. Rational power Pyramid 1 Organizational power 1. The evolution of the power concept we have described in this chapter appears in the research that has been carried out. We could say that the West made a bad start with Taylorism.

The resolution activity program The resolution activity concerns the manager who is faced with a new and unknown situation. He ignores what the resolution protocol is and therefore uses an apprenticeship activity characterized by a search for information. In this particular context, the manager does not implement solutions out of nothing that correspond to a so-called optimum. He draws on his know-how to develop the germ of a solution. This process is far from being optimal but it is the only possible one in such an environment.

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