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By Raymond Polivka, Sandra Pakin

ISBN-10: 0130388858

ISBN-13: 9780130388858

This entire and finished presentation of APL in accordance with APL.SV deals a flexible problem-solving device for engineers, scientists, businessmen, and others who use pcs interactively. The insurance comprises chapters dedicated to a dialogue of uncomplicated APL, functionality definition, the form of information, uncomplicated features, extensions of the scalar dyadic capabilities to arrays and different array-handling services, extra concepts and functions of defining features, information choice and rearrangement, communications with the APL.SV helping process, and APL.SV facts communications.

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La Tène latent heat lateral line system lateral moraine laterite latex lathe latifundium latitude and longitude laudanum laughing gas Laurasia laurel laurustinus lava lavender laver Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent lawrencium laxative LCD L-dopa leaching lead lead–acid cell leaded gasoline lead ore lead poisoning leaf leaf-hopper leaf insect Leakey, Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, Mary Douglas Leakey, Richard Erskine Frere learning disability learning theory least action, principle of leather Leavitt, Henrietta Swan Leblanc, Nicolas Le Chatelier's principle lecithin LED Lederberg, Joshua leech leek Leeuwenhoek, Anton van left-handedness legionnaires' disease legume Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibovitz, Annie leishmaniasis lek Lemaître, Georges Edouard lemming lemon lemon balm lemur lens lens, gravitational lenticel lenticular galaxy lentil Lenz's law Leo Leonardo da Vinci leopard Lepenski Vir leprosy Leptis Magna lepton leptospirosis lesion Lesseps, Ferdinand Marie lethargy letterpress lettuce leucine leucite leucotomy leukaemia leukocyte levee level lever Leverrier, Urbain Jean Joseph Levi-Montalcini, Rita LF liana libido Libra libration lichen Lick Observatory Liebig, Justus lie detector life life cycle life expectancy life sciences ligament ligature (medicine) light light bulb light curve light-emitting diode lighthouse lightning lightning conductor light pen light second light watt light year lignin lignite lignocaine lilac Lilienthal, Otto lily lily of the valley lime (chemical) lime (fruit) lime (tree) lime kiln limestone limestone pavement limewater limiting factor limnology limonite limpet Lindbergh, Charles A(ugustus) linden Lindow Man linear accelerator linear equation linear motor linear programming linen line of force line printer ling (fish) ling (plant) linkage Linnaeus, Carolus linnet linoleum Linotype linseed lion lipase lipid Lipmann, Fritz Albert lipophilic lipophobic liposome Lippershey, Hans Lippmann, Gabriel liquefaction (chemistry) liquefaction (earth science) liquefied petroleum gas liquid liquid air liquid-crystal display liquorice LISP Lister, Joseph listeriosis litchi liter lithification lithium lithography lithosphere litmus Little Dipper liver liverwort lizard llama lm loach loam Lobachevsky, Nikolai Ivanovich lobelia lobotomy lobster local anaesthetic local area network Local Group lock lock and key Lockheed Martin lockjaw locomotive locus (mathematics) locust locust tree lode lodestar loess Loewi, Otto log (mathematics) log (science) loganberry logarithm logic gate LOGO lomentum lone pair long.

Dalton, John dam Dam, Carl Peter Henrik damask daminozide damper damselfly damson dandelion Dandie Dinmont darcy dark cloud darkling beetle dark matter Darwin, Charles Robert Darwin, Erasmus dasyure DAT data database data bus data communications data compression data flow chart data mining data processing data protection data security date dating Datura da Vinci Davy, Humphry day daylight saving time dBASE DC DCC DDT deadly nightshade deafness deamination death death cap death rate deathwatch beetle de Broglie debt-for-environment swap decagon decay, radioactive decibel deciduous decimal fraction decimal number system declination decoder decomposer decomposition decompression sickness decontamination factor dedicated computer deep freezing Deep-Sea Drilling Project deep-sea trench deer deerhound defibrillation definition deforestation degaussing degeneration degree (mathematics) De Havilland, Geoffrey dehydration (chemistry) dehydration (food) Deimos Delbrück, Max de Lesseps, Ferdinand, Vicomte deliquescence delirium delphinium delta Delta rocket delta wing delusion dementia demodulation dendrite dendrochronology Deneb dengue denier denitrification denominator density density wave dental caries dental formula dentistry dentition denudation deodar deoxyribonucleic acid depilatory depolarizer depression (medicine) depression (meteorology) derivative (maths) dermatitis dermatology derrick derris desalination Descartes, René desert desertification desktop publishing destructive margin detergent determinant detonator detritus deuterium deuteron developing development (biology) developmental psychology devil ray devil's coach horse devil wind Devonian period dew Dewar, James dew point dhole diabase diabetes diagenesis dialysis diameter diamond diapause diaphragm (anatomy) diaphragm (contraceptive) diarrhoea diastole diastolic pressure diathermy diatom diatomic molecule dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane Dick-Read, Grantly dicotyledon diecasting dielectric Diels, Otto Paul Hermann Diesel, Rudolf Christian Karl diesel engine diesel oil diet (food) dietetics difference difference engine differences differential differential calculus differentiation (biology) differentiation (mathematics) diffraction diffusion digestion digestive system digit digital (computing) digital audio tape digital compact cassette digital computer digital data transmission digitalis (drug) digitalis (plant) digital recording digital root digital sampling digital-to-analogue converter digitizer dihybrid inheritance dik-dik dilatation and curettage dill dilution dimension dimethyl sulphoxide dingo dinitrogen oxide dinosaur diode dioecious Diophantus dioptre diorite dioxin diphtheria diploblastic diplodocus diploid diplopia dip, magnetic dipole (physics) dipole (radio) dipole, magnetic dipper Dirac, Paul Adrien Maurice direct access direct current directed number directory dirigible disability disaccharide disc (astronomy) discharge tube discrete data disease disinfectant disk (computing) disk drive disk formatting dispersal dispersion (physics) displacement activity displacement vector dissociation distance distance modulus distance ratio distemper distillation distributive operation distributor diuresis diuretic diversification diverticulitis dividend (mathematics) diving apparatus divisor dizygotic twin dizziness DNA DNA fingerprinting Dobermann Dobzhansky, Theodosius dock (plant) document documentation document reader dodder dodecahedron dodo dog dogfish dog's mercury dogwhelk dogwood doldrums dolmen dolomite (mineralogy) dolphin Domagk, Gerhard domain (magnetism) domain (mathematics) dominance Donald, Ian donkey dopamine Doppler effect Dorado dor beetle dormancy (botany) dormouse dorsal dory DOS dot matrix printer dotterel double bond double circulation double coconut double decomposition double refraction double star dough Douglas fir dove (zoology) Down's syndrome dowsing Draco (constellation) drag dragon (zoology) dragonfly DRAM dream drill (zoology) drilling driver dromedary drug drug abuse drug and alcohol dependence drug, generic drupe dry-cleaning dry ice dry rot dry valley DTP dubnium duck duck-billed platypus duckweed ductless gland dugong duiker duikerbok dulse dump dune dunlin dunnock duodecimal system duodenum duralumin durra Durrell, Gerald (Malcolm) dust bowl Dutch elm disease DVD-ROM dye dye-transfer print dyke (earth science) Dynamic HTML dynamics (physics) dynamite dynamo dyne dyscalculia dysentery dyslexia dysmenorrhoea dyspepsia dysphagia dyspnoea dysprosium E E (navigation) eagle ear Earth earthquake earth science Earth Summit earthworm earwig east Easter Island Eastman, George eau de cologne ebony eccentricity Eccles, John Carew ecdysis echidna echinoderm Echinodermata echo echolocation echo sounder Eckert, J(ohn) Presper eclampsia eclipse eclipsing binary ecliptic ecliptic coordinates E.

S. system fractal fraction (chemistry) fraction (mathematics) fractional distillation fractionating column francium frangipani Frank, Charles Frank, Robert frankincense Franklin, Benjamin Frasch process Fraunhofer, Joseph von freckles free fall free radical freesia freeze-drying freeze–thaw freezing freezing point, depression of frequency (physics) frequency (statistics) frequency modulation Frere, John Fresnel, Augustin Jean Freud, Anna Freud, Sigmund friction Friends of the Earth frilled lizard Frisch, Karl von fritillary (botany) fritillary (zoology) frog froghopper frogmouth Fromm, Erich frond front frontal lobotomy frost frostbite frost hollow frost shattering FRS fructose fruit frustum f-stop ft fuchsia fuel fuel cell fuel injection fullerene fuller's earth fulmar fulminate fumigation fumitory function (computing) function (mathematics) functional group fundamental constant fundamental forces fundamental particle fungal infection fungicide fungus funicular railway Funk, Casimir 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glass-reinforced plastic glass snake Glauber, Johann Rudolf Glauber's salt glaucoma Glenn, John Herschel, Jr global positioning system global warming globefish Globe Theatre globular cluster glomerulus glottis glow-worm glucagon glucose glucose tolerance test glue glue-sniffing gluon gluten glyceride glycerine glycerol glycine glycogen glycol GMT gnat gneiss gnu goat goblet cell goby Goddard, Robert Hutchings Goddard Space Flight Center Gödel, Kurt goiter gold goldcrest goldenrod golden section goldfinch goldfish gold rush Golgi, Camillo Golgi apparatus Goliath beetle gonad gonadotrophin Gondwanaland gonorrhea Good King Henry Goodyear, Charles Google goose gooseberry goosefoot gopher gopher tortoise Gordon setter gorge gorilla gorse goshawk Gould, Stephen Jay gourd gout governor GP GPS Graaf, Regnier de Graafian follicle graft grafting Graham, Thomas grain gram grand unified theory granite grape grapefruit graph graphical user interface graphic equalizer graphics tablet graphite graph 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Gustav jungle (rainforest) juniper Jupiter (astronomy) Jurassic period justification jute K k K (mathematics) K (physics) kakapo kale kame kangaroo kaolin kaolinite kapok karat karst karyotype katydid Katz, Bernard kauri pine kayser kcal kea Keck Telescope keeshond Kekulé von Stradonitz, Friedrich August keloid kelp Kelvin, William Thomson Kelvin scale Kendall, Edward Calvin Kennedy Space Center Kennelly-Heaviside layer Kepler, Johannes Kepler's laws keratin keratitis kernel kerosene Kerry blue terrier Kertész, André kestrel ketone kettle Kew Gardens keyboard (computing) kg khamsin Khorana, Har Gobind Khwarizmi, al-, Muhammad ibn-Musa kidney kidney machine killer whale kiln kilokilobyte kilogram kilometre kilowatt kilowatt-hour kimberlite kinesis kinetic energy kinetics (chemistry) kinetics (physics) kinetic theory king crab kingdom kingfisher kinkajou kin selection Kirchhoff, Gustav Robert Kirchhoff's laws Kirkwood gaps kiss of life Kitasato, Shibasaburo kite (mathematics) kite (zoology) Kitt Peak National Observatory kiwi kiwi fruit Klaproth, Martin Heinrich Klein, Melanie kleptomania klipspringer km knapweed knifefish Knight, Charles knocking Knossos knot (bird) knot (unit) knotgrass knowledge-based system knowledge management koala Koch, (Heinrich Hermann) Robert Koh-i-noor kohlrabi kola kolkhoz Königsberg bridge problem kookaburra Kornberg, Arthur Korolev, Sergei Pavlovich Kourou (town) Kovalevskaia, Sofya Vasilevna kph Krafft-Ebing, Richard, Baron von Krebs, Hans Adolf Krebs cycle Kremer, Gerhard krill krypton K-T boundary kudu kudzu Kuiper, Gerard Peter Kuiper belt kumquat Kuroshio kW kwashiorkor kyanite L labelled compound labellum laburnum labyrinthitis lac laccolith lacewing lac insect lacrimation lactation lacteal lactic acid lactose ladybird lady's smock Laënnec, René Théophile Hyacinthe lagoon Lagrange, Joseph Louis Lagrangian points lahar Laing, R(onald) D(avid) lake lake dwelling Lakeland terrier Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Lamarckism lambert lamina lammergeier lamp, electric lamprey lancelet Land, Edwin Herbert land reclamation Landsat landslide Landsteiner, Karl Lange, Dorothea Langmuir, Irving langur lanolin lanternfish lanthanide lanthanum laparoscope laparotomy lapis lazuli Laplace, Pierre Simon laptop computer lapwing larch Large Electron Positron Collider lark Lartigue, Jacques-Henri Charles Auguste larva laryngitis larynx laser laser printer laser surgery Lassa fever lat.

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