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Where a word uses a non- nal halanta letter, for example the s in svara, it forms a consonant cluster, or conjunct consonant, and a di erent method is used. yoga, literally `yoked together' comprises two or more consonants with nothing separating them; in particular there is no vowel between them. yoga, familiarity with them may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately you don't have to learn them. It is the general principles that are important: once you understand the principles, you can discard the notes.

Hasi 2. am a
svah. hanti 3. narah. am a
svat labhate 4. u narasya a
svah. hanti 5. an naraya vahatah. 6. at a
svaih. labhate 7. a
svah. at gacchati 8. hati ca vadati ca Continued overleaf . . 40 A Practical Sanskrit Introductory e Translate the following sentences into Sanskrit: 1. He is standing on two horses, 2. , 3.  of the two men are standing, 4. , 5. The two horses carry the man to the tree, 6. Oh horse, you are carrying the tree for the man, 7.  from the tree, 8. You two are carrying the man from the tree to the horse.

He leads. he takes. he speaks. he carries. he stands. t ya case ending indicates the `instrument' in relation to the verb: it is that `by means of which' the action is accomplished. For example, `he goes home by car', `he cuts the wood with an axe': note that here `with' has the sense of `by means of', but in English it may also be used in the sense of accompaniment, for example, `he goes home with an axe', but this does not convey the sense of instrumentality. The fourth caturth  case ending indicates the indirect object, the recipient or bene ciary or purpose of the action.

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