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A representative version of the fieldtapes is also presented with this volume. If we believe that linguistics employs the scientific method, then accessible presentation of the data is necessary. In other sciences data is provided so that claims can be tested and results can be replicated. In linguistics theses to date the data is usually given as an example sentence, often with no indication of its status or provenance. 5. Overview of the present study This volume is a description of the grammar of the language of South Efate, with a particular focus on verbal morphosyntax, nouns and the noun phrase, and sentence construction.

In Macdonald 1898a:759) that locate Efate as the first land and home to Maui-tikitiki, his wife Lei Maui-tikitiki, and his grandchild Tamakaia (whose parents are not mentioned in the story). The grandfather and grandson enter into a competition, one result of which is Tamakaia pulling Efate out of the ocean and founding it on the bones of a whale he has just consumed. Macdonald also recounts a story about pottery in which Lei Maui-tikitiki, who is identified with the moon, dashes the water pots she is carrying to the ground.

Over 40 hours of recordings have resulted from this work, including about an hour recorded in the language of Lelepa Island, to the west of Efate. I also video-recorded some narratives, parts of a church service, 8 and a string band performance. Almost every recording was transcribed by Manuel Wayane in Erakor village who wrote the transcript into an exercise book with a Bislama translation, and transcripts were typed in a standard word processor as text files (mostly by Dina Thieberger in Melbourne).

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