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After the declaration, we can write for instance 'm := (advance days(y) + 1) mod 7' anywhere in the program. This finds the weekday code of 1 Jan y and assigns it to 'm'. 'advancedays(y)' is a call of the procedure and produces the appropriate result. If U stands for any unit having an integral value, then writing 'advancedays(U)' has the same effect as writing '(int n = U; ((n - 1973) + ... ;- 4000))'. Thus the formal parameter 'n' is identified with the actual parameter U, and the procedure body is then performed, all made into a closed clause.

Comment' or f. ; however the simpler form C ... C is used in this text. Any text between these symbols is ignored by the compiler and has no effect on the program run. Comments should always be used as aids to the writing, reading and documenting of programs. 'begin end' [1 :8,1: 10] char maze; read(maze); comment no spaces between data comment print(maze); int i,j,p,q; read((i,j,p,q)); print(("ENTRANCE COORDS =", i, j, "EXIT COORDS =", p,q,newline)); C (i,j) and (p,q) assumed to be within maze C while(i =I= p or j =I= q) and maze [i,j] =I= "T" do print((i,j,newline)); C print coords.

Problems for Chapter 4 1. Write a procedure to print a calendar for a given year with three months printed side by side across a page 2. Construct a procedure that accepts as input the Morse-code representation of a digit and produces the decimal digit as output. Use this procedure to convert and print strings of Morse-code digits as integers. (The digits n = 0 to 5 have a Morse code of n dots followed by (5- n) dashes - use a minus sign - and the digits n =6 to 9 have a code of (n- 5) dashes followed by (10- n) dots.

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