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BP Business Claims Paid within 60 Days:

BP Claims Team getting it Done

bp claims

BP Claims

BP Claims Team members are getting your BP Business Claims Paid.  A recent BP Business Claim got paid within 60 days. Why did this claim get paid so fast, because it was put together correctly from the start. The claimant was organized, he had his accountant prepare the necessary documents, the documents were overnighted to our Claims Consultants outside of Pensacola, numbers were crunched, factors were included, the claim was organized, signed and submitted. The Interim claim was paid, and a final settlement was offered. This is how a claim should be handled, quickly and professionally. The groups that are affiliated with have strict guidelines to follow. We are here for one reason, to Help as Many as Possible. Let us help you.

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is paying BP Claims

Our BP Claims Team is getting your claims paid, Individual Claims are getting paid within 3-5 weeks, Business Claims are getting offers well within the 90 day window. Are there exceptions, sure there are, but do to new advances in our BP Claims Team Play Book, the willingness of members of our group to share critical information, claims are getting paid faster then ever. If you want your BP Claim handled by the best in the business, fill out the form to right. We consist of Independent groups of experienced Claims Consultants/Adjusters and Attorneys, consultants fees start at just 15% of what is recovered, Attorneys fees start at 25% of what is recovered.

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