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BP Business Claims

Filing GCCF Business Claims can help ease the nightmare of the oil spills effects on many business`s.. If your business  has  lost revenue in 2010 compared to 2009 and years prior to that, a CPA will tell you to file a GCCF Business Claims for the damage the oil spill has done to your business. The missing revenue for the Gulf Region has had ripple effects through the economy, and even though your clients are not tourists, your clients may rely on tourist dollars to buy the services from you. So if you own a small business and have had a drop in sales in 2010, filing a GCCF Business claim with BP or filing out a form on our site would get you the help you need. 

GCCF Business Claims What Do You Need?

For you to prove your GCCF Business claims to BP you need to have your Business income statement ready to send in for the last 3 years, if you have been in business that long. A backup of any other details that support you claim would be a good idea. The Attorney`s we have connected with have a standard process for each claim, of what needs to be filed, and how the claims form needs to be filled out to maximize your success. Many of the Attorneys have former members of the GCCF on their staff as they know the in`s and out`s better then anyone.

Prepare GCCF Business Claims

When they prepare  GCCF business claims form for one of our users it should be for Interim payments (quarterly payments) and not final payment. Why is that you might ask, well we want our users to get as much as possible and get what is right for their claim. If they ask for a final claims payment now and let the client sign off on ever going after BP again many things can happen. What if the oil returns, what if the fishing gets banned again, and what if the tourist don’t return this year. When the paper work goes though  they are taking the approach of never closing the door on claims money from BP until you absolutely have to (3 year rule), and even then what if there are still problems from the oil spill, why not keep the option of filing a lawsuit against BP open even after 3 years. Remember the 3 year rule is something BP and GCCF came up with if you have damages after 10 years you can go after BP for those damages as long as you don’t sign away your rights in a final claims payment.

Setting You Up For GCCF Business Claims

If you want to connect with our team with GCCF business claims, and want to protect your small or large company for future losses, then allowing our Dream Team of Attorneys would be the right choice for you, and they will go after interim payments from BP. If you think that this is over and that oil will never return to our beaches, and the tourist will return this year, then by all means take a small payment from BP. If you want to get payments for the long run, and you want to make sure your interests are protected in this oil spill claims circus, then you should join our Dream Team of Attorney’s and fill out the form on our site. We will do our best to make sure your interests are protected by the Attorney’s, that have already served more then 10,000 clients interests with GCCF business Claims

Who Can Fill out GCCF Business Forms

If you have a  GCCF business claims or a personal claim against BP for loss of income or profit we will accept your form and forward it to an Attorney. If you have filled out a form with GCCF and your claim was denied you should fill out the form, and let them take a second look at it. If you have filed for emergency claims payment and are now filing for final claims payment you should let the team have a look at the numbers before you sign off on the GCCF paper work and promise to never go after BP again. If you have lost your job or business, or if you have lost rental income because of the BP oil spill you should fill out our form.

We are here to help, and we have already helped 10,000 people. We have helped large business owners, and individuals with keeping GCCF honest and fast, on a promise to not refuse a legitimate claim. We have also helped many people that had their claims denied the first time.


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