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BP Claims and Fishermen being Pressured

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Fishermen Protesting BP Claims Policy

We are hearing that a lot of people in the Fishing Industry are being pressured to take BP Claims Quick Pays, DO NOT TAKE THEM. We have been hearing that the GCCF has been threatening investigations from several of you today, and some of you are actually being investigated by Guide Post. Do not be threatened by their coercive tactics. the BP Settlement is coming and it is our belief that the GCCF is mounting one last charge to save BP money, by trying to get you all to accept low ball offers. This is par for the course,  but we  haven`t seen it at this rate for some time.

BP Claims and Seafood Harvesters

Without a doubt one of the most affected groups, that should have had BP Claims being paid from the beginning is this group. Interim claims should have been coming out of the GCCF instead of them trying to starve you out with BP Claims Quick Pays, we are hearing horror stories today over the 1-800-BP-Claim lines today. We have been advocating for people in the Seafood Industry for some time now, and our phone line is literally lighting up. We are hearing that they are telling you all, your records are inaccurate, that you didn`t really fish those dates, that you weren`t trying hard enough.

BP Claims Help

If you need help with the GCCF we can help you. We have people that are willing to fight for you in our network, not just Attorneys and Consultants that will help you with your claims, but lobbyists, congressmen, and other folks who wield some influence around here. If you took a final payment but did not take the Quick Pay it is our understanding that you can get what is actually owed you. We are helping people file those claims now with the GCCF. We are still fighting for people, especially Fishermen who were starved out and forced to take Quick Pays.

BP Claims Settlement

Many people in the Seafood Industry did not even file BP Claims as they waited to see what was going to happen, and we are happy to help them start putting together their claims for the Settlement. For many this is just what they were waiting for. If your claim has been denied, still sitting at the GCCF, or even if you have taken a final we can help you.The BP Claims Settlement process is about to hit high gear. If we can help you put together your BP Claims for Settlement, we are happy to assist you. BP Claims consultants charge just 15% of what is collected if you need the help of an Attorney they will charge you from 20-25%.