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BP Claims and the BP Settlement

The BP Claims Settlement Era Begins

bp claimsBP Claims had languished with the GCCF for far too long. In reality it took almost 2 years for someone to step in and fix the issues, and the fact is we don`t know if they are fixed. What we do know is news of the BP Claims Settlement has begun to leak out from multiple sources, and this is what it looks like. Judge Barbier will be overseeing  the BP Claims Settlement process.

A deal was struck between the PSC (Plaintiffs Steering Committee) and BP, the order has not been signed by Judge Barbier yet. From our understanding it is a comprehensive and generous system with a few hitches. Calculating your BP Claims Settlement will still involve proper  future trending and some areas will not need to show causation. A map and a break down of Industry will be utilized to help establish payouts in a matrix system much like a class action, many are referring to this as the BP Class Action.

The BP Claims Settlement will Include.

1) The Seafood Industry will fair quite well with over 2.3 Billion dollars going directly to BP Claims. This will cover fishermen, shrimpers, crabbers and other assorted Businesses and Individuals that make their living from the Gulf of Mexico.

2) Real Property damage to Coastal and wetland property owners, if you got oil on your land you will be covered under the BP Claims Settlement.

3) Loss of Subsistence use, if you can prove you utilized the natural resources to feed your family and that was taken away by the Oil Spill, you are eligible to receive compensation.

4) Vessels of Opportunity Claims, if your boat was used for the VOO program, and you were put on stand bye after having logged some time on the water, or your boat was damaged the BP Claims Settlement addresses your issues.

5) The loss of value that was incurred from the sale of property that can be shown that the loss was the result of the Oil Spill.

6) Any Economic loss by a Business or an Individual as the result of the Spill.

7) Medical Issues as a result of the Oil Spill Clean Up or by people that lived or worked around the affected areas.

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BP Settlement Calculations

New calculations will come into effect for the BP Settlement they promise to be more generous. You will take 3 consecutive months from 2010 (your worst months) and then take the same months from preceding years, subtract 2010 from that average, use the multiplier assigned to your Industry and geographic area, the RTP (Risk Transfer premium) that should be a multiplier between 2 and possibly up to 7, add in your future trending, and you should come up with your BP Settlement figure. There is more to it, but this is the broad strokes of it.

The BP Claims Settlement has drawn quite a few skeptics.

Most of the skepticism comes from BP Claims Attorneys with large case loads that signed up tens of thousands of cases. Many of these attorneys in our estimation were bewildered by the whole BP Claims process, and how difficult it was to put BP Claims together and package them to the GCCF. It was also recognized that the leadership of the GCCF told these attorneys to go right when preparing to settle these cases, when in fact they should have been going left, this misinformation that was fed to them by the GCCF leadership, ultimately led them to utilize their resources in the wrong area and clients were left hanging, with their BP Claims unpaid.

BP Claims Quick Pays and Finals need to be addressed in the BP Settlement

The reason I am going over this story is because, now people that took Quick Pays or finaled out because they were basically starved out by the GCCF and Ken Feinberg are receiving the same treatment as the the sick people originally did and that is a huge injustice. The common use of a Delay, Deny and Defend Strategy needs to be overcome and is just not ethical in todays world. Here is an email we got yesterday the names will be omitted.

After the oil spill i filed a claim for the emergency help and did receive help. When they asked me to get them 08, 09, 10. Taxes We gave them what they needed 08, 09, 10, and they said they still needed more. So we went to Jackson Hewitt and had them fax 07, 08, 09 ,10. And would you know they still said they more information. Later we filed for the interim payment and did get what was suppose to be a 6 month payment, it was a check for like $3,500 and then they said they messed up and sent us like $1,800 more and then nothing else after that. JUST NEED MORE INFO. 4 time’s we gave them what they needed. Finaly JUNE of 2011 we just had to settle for the $25,000. Because my wife and i was about to loose my wife`s  property that we live on together for 19 year’s. And she has lived there since she was 7 year’s old, For 32 year’s. And so on from there.

So here we are still in a bind and about to loose everything because have tried to catch them oysters there is nothing out there. Or no order’s do to no one wanting that many oysters.
So can we still get any help.

This is one email of literally 1000`s just like it, and these people need to be figured into the The BP Claims Settlement, BP needs to give them just what they owe them regardless of what ever they signed, The GCCF failed them, the BP Claims Process failed them, and we at will Not rest until they are made whole.

BP Claims Consultants start at 15%, and BP Claims Attorneys start at just 20%.

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