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BP Claims and the BP Settlement

The BP Settlement and your BP Claims

BP Settlement and BP Claims

Everything that needs to happen before the BP Settlement can take place is happening, there are a few things that have needed to transpire in order for the settlement to take place, and it looks like they are. It looks like more of a reality each day, news has leaked that they are developing a matrix to help calculate BP Claims for your final BP Settlement. Ken Feinberg`s days look numbered.

The Restore Act is getting closer to passing, the Gulf States would then receive approximately 80% of the money from the settlement. Everyone agrees this must be done before the BP Settlement.

BP is still cutting deals with partners, and the people in the know, say they know. The fact is we will see. Though at this time I don`t think it is a good idea to take any final BP Claims payouts, we are just too close to the trial date, and the high likelihood of a BP Settlement.

Denied BP Claims and BP Claims with Offers

If your BP Claims were denied, been made offers, or or have languished at the GCCF, now is the time to act. Get your claims information together and get it to one of our accredited Consultants, or one of the Law Firms that we have connected with that have proven track records. They will only charge you on the New money they get for you. We have been in this process for a long time now, and we know who talks the talk, and walks the walk. I think we all have had enough of those who talk.
Our network extends from Houston to Key West, and they all know how to get people paid. The new BP Claims matrix will be in place soon and it looks something like this.

The matrix will have different Industry categories to it, with different payouts per geographical area.

Here is an example.
A Fishermen in Louisiana will get 4 x their 2010 loss, while one in the Florida Keys will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Waiter in New Orleans will get 3 x their 2010 loss while a Waiter in Fort Meyers will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Marina in Mississippi will get 4 x their 2010 loss while a Marina in Tampa will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
These are just examples, we don`t know the matrix yet, but aspects have been leaked.

If you are sick from the dispersant Corexit Please contact Us.

It looks like the end for Mr.Feinberg and his role in the BP Claims Process

Mr. Feinberg, you have on the whole failed, you starved out people, and gave them Quick Pays, people lost their houses, their cars, and their families as they waited, and waited, and waited, whole towns were destroyed as you laid in bed with BP. Generations of livelihoods were crushed. You told us in the beginning that you were independent, when you took over the process on November 23rd, 2010, many people had high hopes for you, you promised much, but delivered little, you saved BP a lot of money, you got a raise while others starved. In the end Judge Barbier had to stop you from telling folks you were independent. You created a complex GCCF Methodology that was cloaked in secrecy, and people with master degrees couldn`t decipher. Thank God our people did. Transparency of the BP Claims process was what you promised, but instead did the exact opposite. An audit had to be performed. You made promises Sir, you made lots of promises most of them left un-kept. In the end your legacy will be tainted with oil, it really is a shame, we all wanted you to be for the people, and to help save our ways of life, when in fact all you did was save BP money.

We will help You with your BP Claims and your BP Settlements, Consultants start at 15% and Attorneys at 25%, and they only get paid when they recover your BP Claims money.