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GCCF Claims and the Waiting Game

Whats up with GCCF Claims

Well it looks as though the GCCF is saving the Interim Claims for last, most are accompanied by final claim offers. The Interim Claims should have been addressed immediately when the GCCF took over in late November. This would have helped a lot of people NOT go further into debt, and avoid the foreclosures repossessions and other stresses. This is right where BP wants people to be. A flurry of Interim Claims came in the beginning of April, but it seems as though that has come to a halt. We have been receiving many calls from people that want to check their claims status. Many are waiting to see what the offers are before talking to an Oil Spill Attorney, The keyword is WAIT and while we wait to find out how the GCCF is going to treat people. BP has raked in over 7 Billion dollars in profits this quarter and paid out just 4 Billion for the Spill, much of that not in claims, but for clean up and pr. So while people wait, they rake it in, and desperation and indebtedness grows for many. What people need to realize this waiting game only benefits BP. After writing this I looked at current BP Claims news and what do I find, but they are closing yet another office in Gulf Breeze Florida. So I guess we will be waiting on the GCCF a little longer and drive a little farther.

Had enough of the GCCF yet?

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