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BP Claims News: States to get Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages, O.PA. and BP Claims

BP Claims

Juge Barbier

BP Claims Update: BP will not face claims under states law but under maritime law. The states can sue for punitive damages and negligence as well as product liability. The states law was preempted by the law governing the Outer Continental Shelf, therefore state environmental laws and penalties were excluded. The states will be able to recover their costs however for oil spill clean up. Judge Barbier also noted that BP waived the 75 million dollar cap under O.P.A. Under O.P.A. the states can recover losses due to lost profits and revenues as well as, damage to natural resources and property. If this holds true for the states, shouldn`t it hold true for the individuals and businesses that were affected in those states?

Vessels of Opportunity and BP Claims

As the fight to clean up the oil ensued last year, many fishermen were enrolled in the vessels of opportunity program, known to many as V.O.O. Fishermen and boat owners risked their personal safety and the their boats to clean up as much oil as they could out of the Gulf of Mexico. In June of last year moved by the tragic events that were unfolding I went out to Grand Isle and saw first hand what these fishermen were facing. Let me tell you it wasn`t pretty. You could taste the Corexit in the air as it was being scattered all over the Gulf by planes. BP was suppose to pick up the costs of having these men who were out to save our Gulf, and were ready 24/7, but they have not. Health issues have cropped up for many, boats rendered useless and BP is still trying to evade paying them much of what they are owed. If you were involved with this program, and need help please fill out the form to the right.

BP Claims how we can Help

We at have come up with multiple solutions to help you with your BP Claims. For the last month I have been from Texas to Tampa and all parts in between working with people, testing and talking about new strategies. The idea has always been to Help as many people as possible, when you see the damage first hand and continually speak to people that were impacted by this tragedy, you just can`t sit on your hands. We have connected with Attorneys, Claims Adjusters, Consultants, and others, all with one goal in mind, to make you whole. Let`s face it the GCCF has not been the easiest to deal with, we have spotted trends, and studied their methodology, and depending on what type of claim you have, will depend on where we forward your information to. One of the most important aspects of all of this is the collection of your information, more is definitely not better. Attorneys, Claims Consultants, as well as Adjusters can help you gather it and format it so your BP Claims are better understood. We have talked to people on the inside they came to us, they are people just like you and me, but they have guidelines, and those guidelines must be met. So if you need help with your BP Claims we will put what we know to work for you, please fill out the form to the right and someone will get right back to you. As a general rule Adjusters/Consultants charge from 10-15% and Attorneys charge from 25%-33.3%.

We can and will help you with your BP Claims


Article: BP Claims News: States to get Punitive Damages
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



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