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Sarasota Bar Owner

Thank you so much for spearheading my claim with the Claims Consultants on your BP Claims Team. It was refreshing to get quick answers to our questions regarding the BP Claims process. We are thrilled at the results and the amounts that we have received from the GCCF so far. It is reassuring to know that there are indeed BP Claims Experts out there, and that  the GCCF will pay claims that are properly prepared.

Tom Elliot

Seafood Processor Claim

I just wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with John from the Consulting Group you recommended.  What a refreshing change of pace…clarity, honesty and little hope mixed in.

I explained to John my situation and the $25,000 final offer (after receiving a $63,00 EAP for 2 1/2 months worth of loss) I received from the GCCF.  I advised him that I was simply looking for someone to tell me whether they believed my claim was valid for a substantial amount more.  Just because I believed so, doesn’t mean that someone else would believe the same.  Additionally, I didn’t want to pay 25% of what I had already worked for to receive that answer.

John advised me that they would look at my documents at no cost to me.  If they determined that I should receive more, then I could retain their services.  However, there would be no action taken unless I authorized it.  My $25,000 is off the table as far as they are concerned.  WOW, that’s something new an different.  Everyone that I have spoken to wants at least 25% of what I have already been offered to even look at my claim.  That there fee is a very reasonable 15% of anything they earn for me was a plus as well.

I like the fact that they are adjusters….not accountants, and not attorneys.  I just needed someone to look at my claim.  That they have a former BP large commercial loss specialist on their team is a bonus in my eyes.  I also like the fact that litigation is not the first priority.  They have a common sense approach that is not combative but rather negotiational.

John explained to me that you are allowed to seek damages in your claim.  That is something new I learned today.  He informed me that the GCCF doesn’t have to tell claimants that fact.  Since I am not an adjuster, I have no idea what “damages” represent.  But this organization does.

I don’t know how my claim is going to be finalized as I am new to them, however, I would urge anyone who is as frustrated as I am, not only with the GCCF but certain attorneys and accounting firms as well, to give these folks a call.  If they advise that the 25K is the best I can expect, I am out absolutely nothing but a little bit of time (which I have spent over a year just to get to this point).

Thanks again, Bill.  I really appreciate your time, courtesy and knowledge.


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