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BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida

BP Claims Group gets client paid in 3 weeks.

bp claims

BP Claims

The client came into one of our BP Claims Team members offices on November 16th, she is a nail technician in an area with a high rate of tourism. She lost a tremendous amount of business due to the lack of tourism. She had all of her paperwork prepared, and the file was calculated, and needed paperwork was added. Her BP Claim was submitted days later.

On Tuesday of last week she received an Interim offer of $22,500, and a final offer of $22,500. Her claim was clearly out of the area directly impacted by the Spill, but did suffer do to the lack of tourism, a stigma from the spill. She was also part of a new group of claims that were submitted after creating a new processing program, this should ensure a much higher rate of success. We will keep you updated. We will continue to innovate and create new relationships to better serve.

BP Claims are getting paid by the GCCF

The GCCF will often pay your BP Claims if they are valid, and put together in a way that is understandable to the people processing the claims, the key here is to format your BP Claims in such away that they are easily understood. We have been told by the people that are actually processing your BP Claims exactly how to do this. One of our consultant groups we work with now has it`s own representative in the offices Brown Greer, the law firm that is actually processing your BP Claims. This new relationship with an Insider at Brown Greer has proved most useful.

There is a strict set of criteria that the claims must meet, these include financial tests, show causation, proper trending, and the calculations to substantiate the claims. We have also learned that about 75% of the claims that are submitted, fail one or more of these prerequisites, these are not just claims submitted by Individuals and Businesses, but by Attorneys, Accountants, and other Claims Groups. If the BP Claims process was more transparent this would not be the case.

The problem here is that the GCCF has never been completely transparent on how the claims processors need the claim formatted, so it can be understood in a clear and concise manner then processed. Many people believe that the more information one puts in the claim the better. This only allows for more errors while processing. BP Claims need to be put together in a simple and concise format.

The GCCF has been difficult from the beginning, it is our goal to ease these issues, and get to the root of the matter, which is getting your BP Claims paid. If this proves to be an impossible task, more litigious avenues will be utilized.

BP Claims Free Review.

Many of the team members will review your BP Claims for free. If you have received an offer that you think is too low, or if you claim has been denied, found deficient, or is still stalled at the GCCF, the BP Claims Experts that we have connected with will review your BP Claims at no charge. If they can get you more then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has offered you, they will only charge you for the extra money received. That charge is 15% if you use a consultant, and 25%-33.3% if you need the services of an Attorney.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



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