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BP Claims System Overload

BEST PIX  Feinberg Testifies At House Hearing On Justice For Gulf Oil Spill VictimsLast Night as the deadline loomed the Deep Water Horizon Settlement intake process bogged down. Many Claims could not make it into the system.

We received many calls as Deep Water had closed and the final minutes kept ticking down. People were getting kicked out of the Deep Water Horizon on-line system as they entered their data.

I have talked with other Attorneys and Processors today they all were experiencing similar problems.

We have reached out to the Powers that be in this chapter of the BP Settlement and alerted them of the situation, at the same time we were told that we should just keep filing and keep a record of what occurred last night.

We have, and suggest you do to.

The submission of BP Claims that are a day or two behind because of technical issues on their end should be granted a touch of Grace.

We have recently been taking on some pharmaceutical companies, particularly the Risperdal Lawsuit and the Lipitor Lawsuit.