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BP Claims the History and the Reckoning

BP Claims the Tragic Truth

The BP Claims process was better handled by BP then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. When BP decided to make things right for the business and individuals affected by the BP Oil Spill, they utilized the Emergency Advanced Payment system. Commonly referred to as EAP`s people scrambled to receive EAP`s from BP and many were paid. Though the EAP system was far from perfect, and many got left on the sidelines, many were indeed paid. Then the reigns of the BP Claims payment system were handed off to Ken Feinberg on November 23rd 2010. Interim payments were suppose to come from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility first. Those economically injured by the Oil Spill were filing their Interim BP Claims and Final BP Claims with the GCCF and through Attorneys. The fact is they were not paid for several months and then it was only a trickle of claims getting paid. Ken Feinberg had unveiled a new BP Claims system at Christmas time called the BP Claims Quick Pay.

The GCCF uses Quick Pays to Pay BP Claims

The BP Claims process at Christmas time morphed into the the BP Claims Quick Pay system. Instead of paying Interim and final BP claims as promised the Gulf Coast Claims Facility put all of their energies behind the Quick Pay System. After not being paid for many months, some since April when the spill began, many took these Quick Pays so they could put food on the table, save the home, or the business. The fact is that the 5k offered to individuals, and the 25k for businesses offered temporary relief for many at best. Over 100,000 people took these Quick Pays and the majority regret that now.

Interim BP Claims were Shelved

BP Claims that were promised to come first , in the form of Interim Claims, were in essence shelved in favor of getting Quick Pays paid by the GCCF. In speaking with the Attorneys that we have connected with, it was not until mid March that the first Interim claims started coming in. That is 11 months from the date of the Oil Spill. How many people and businesses have a reserve of 11 months, not many. The aftermath of those decisions by the GCCF has been felt through out the Gulf. We hear daily from people who lost their business after trying their best to keep it afloat, then lost their homes and cars, and then had to move in with in-laws or friends. Many families disbanded.

GCCF and BP Claims Dirty Tricks and Stall Tactics

We are seeing a lot of BP Claims finally being made offers, many were waiting for over 6 months, until they got into Team members hands. The one thing and probably the most troubling is that there is a reoccurring pattern, they were stalled after the GCCF, letters of deficiency were often issued, some were denied, then the GCCF would offer the businesses 25k making it seem like they were doing them a favor. This has happened over and over again, and at this point it seems to be a GCCF strategy. The GCCF is still stalling claims, and recently a BP Claims Adjuster that was working with the GCCF has gone public about her experiences while working there, and yes she along with others was told to to stall BP claims.


BP Claims Where are we at Now

BP and the GCCF are on the ropes, after over a year since the Oil Spill the truth is coming out. Whether it was the report about BP being guilty for all of its carelessness being released last week, or the audit that is coming up for the GCCF, the news is not going to be good. The BP Claims process is coming under scrutiny, the BP Claims process needs to be righted. We have seen thousands of claims come through our sites many of them have gotten help here. The GCCF is paying BP Claims that are prepared correctly. We can help you with your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims the Tragic Truth
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims the Tragic Truth

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