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BP Denied Claims…..People receive news of GCCF Denied Claims today.

Denied GCCF Claims

I am getting lots of calls from people and business`s that got GCCF denied claims in today.
The reasons are quite often similar, there was not enough connection to economic loss, between the business or individual affected and the Oil Spill, so says the GCCF, lacking paperwork, or no reason at all. Don`t be surprised if after you receive your denied GCCF claim that it is followed up by a final claims offer, as I think that this is the strategy that BP/GCCF is going to use. Mind you I am not an Attorney but if the GCCF holds to form, they are just trying to make individuals and business`s even more desperate, so they can come in with a very fast, low ball, final claim offer, but this is only a guess.

GCCF Paperwork

The good news is many of these people have their paperwork together, and they can take that to an Attorney that specializes in GCCF Claims, that includes denied claims.

The other good news is, even if the GCCF denied your claim, you still have multiple options, you can resubmit, you can resubmit with an Attorney, and don`t forget you can always SUE BP. There will be some interim claims paid as well as some final claims offered, but I think much of this will be in litigation and then things will begin move faster, in the final analysis most will need Attorneys. When your case or claim is with an Attorney there is also the likelihood, and it has already happened that the GCCF will settle out a bundle of that attorneys cases or claims. This is why many perceive this process to be like a class action, but in this process the claimant has the ability to accept or reject the offer.

So don`t despair if you got a GCCF Denied Claim today, there are options.

Bundles of GCCF Claims

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