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BP Oil Spill Claims: a Year Later and where we are Today

A year after the BP Oil Spill

It has been a year since the BP Oil Spill. The effects of the spill have been devastating. Payments from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility have been slow at best. Many local economies dependent on tourism, fishing, or the oil industry, are in full blown collapse. The GCCF is employing delay, and deny tactics, common with unscrupulous insurance companies. Claimants waiting for their BP Oil Spill claims money, were kept waiting until the Gulf Coast Claims Facility unveiled it’s quick pay program, that siphoned off the most desperate claimants and they had to sign of on ever suing BP. The BP claims process is finally tackling claims that are the interim claims, recently the GCCF has been making interim payments accompanied with final offers. The problem is the long term impacts are still unknown, if you feel as though you could use some help, and would like a free case or claim review, fill out the form to the right, and a seasoned oil spill attorney will give you a free claim review. I have been involved with thisĀ  for over a year, I am not an Attorney, just a concerned citizen who wanted to hold BP accountable for mucking up our Gulf and peoples lives. I have met the most phenomenal group of people that can and will help you. Let them, the BP Oil Spill has to be taken care of.

The affects of the BP Oil Spill

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