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BP Settlement Center Information..The BP Settlement has been sent to the Judge

BP Settlement Center to be Announced on Wednesday

bp settlement centerWe are your source for BP Settlement Center Information. We have been following the BP Settlement, and have been made aware of many of the new changes. The BP SettlementĀ  will be signed of by Judge Barbier, Monday April 16, 2012. The BP Settlement Center will be open for business in mid-May. in the mean time our staff can help you prepare your BP Settlement Claims. On average our Claims Adjusters charge 15%, but as little as 7.5% for large loss claims. If needed Attorneys will step in.

BP Settlement Center hits a Bump called Pam Bondi

The BP Settlement has been in talks for months, some politicians such as Pam Bondi the Attorney General from Florida would like to keep the BP Settlement from the public, so she can have more time to negotiate the finer points with BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee. Any further delay in paying people, is not acceptable, even if it is well intentioned. It is my belief that the sooner the BP Settlement is made public to the General Public, if aspects of it need to be adjusted the Settlement should just be amended.

As we digest the Information from the BP Settlement Center, we will take the opportunity to prepare a true overview for you, and speak with our clients and get their perspective. Even though parts of the BP Settlement have been leaked various time over the past month, we understand that the Settlement has changed several times.

The New BP Settlement Center

The BP Settlement Center will attempt to fix the wrongs the GCCF created, it is overseen directly by Judge Barbier who has placed Patrick Juneau in charge of paying out your BP Claims. BP will not be involved as it was with the GCCF. The BP Settlement Center was created to alleviate the issues that Ken Feinberg and the GCCF created, but it does not look like it will cure the past injustices doled out by the GCCF.

We can help you figure out EXACTLY what you will be owed by the New BP Settlement Center. Our Adjusters have vast experience working under similar guidelines, they are very proficient with Business Interruption Claims and Individual Claims, They will be building and presenting files directly to the BP Settlement Center. If needed they will be handing off well built files to Teams of Attorneys that specialize in your types of BP Claims.

We can Help you with The BP Settlement Center.