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BP Settlement Checks Arrive

BP Business Claim Payments Begin

bp settlement One of our processors began to get BP Settlement Checks in late last week, they were for local businesses that met the Settlement parameters.

This was the first batch of checks for businesses that we have heard of. We had seen plenty of offers, but finally are beginning to see the money.

We are now hearing from others in our network, and they are also experiencing an influx of BP Claims getting paid.

Over 4 Million Dollars worth of BP Claims were Paid.

As the payments actually begin to hit the street we expect to see a groundswell of new businesses begin to file. If you want to know if your business could qualify you may want to read a previous post. here

Opt Out Date still November 1

If you feel that you do not have all of the documentation to support your claim, you may want to consider opting out. If you have all of your documentation together, and can show your losses, you should seriously consider staying in the Settlement.

In my opinion the BP Settlement is very friendly for businesses. Businesses  historically have most of their records, and they are easier for the Fund to process. I am not an Attorney, but I do think claims such as individuals that are more difficult to process will continue to see some delays, but they will get to them.

If you don`t have a strong claim that squarely fits into the Settlement, serious consideration should be given to opting out, in the end the choices are yours.

Business Claims are Getting Paid

It is refreshing to begin to see some large business claims start getting paid. Many of these claims had been accepted about 30 days ago. We have been calculating Business Claims that have received offers, and are usually about 1% off from what the offer is from the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund.

If you have a business that you think was affected by the BP Oil Spill, please fill out the form to the right or call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

If you filed under the GCCF but have not added the necessary documentation to your Settlement Claim, we can assist you with updating your claim.

We can also help you with denied claims, incomplete claims, and if your claim needs to be appealed under the Settlement.

We have connected with Teams of processors and Attorneys throughout the Gulf Coast to Serve you. They charge from 15%-25%.

If you would like to find out if you Qualify for the BP Settlement please feel free to call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM, or fill out the form to the right.

We take your BP Claims very seriously, we have been doing this since the beginning, and have helped over 10,000 people and businesses.