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BP Settlement Claims press Northward

Zone D Claims ROLL in

bp settlement  If you live in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and suffered a loss during the period of the Oil Spill 4/20/10, you could be entitled to file a BP Claim. There have been meetings set up by Attorney General Luther Strange in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Cullman over the last week to educate individuals, and business owners of this fact. Many Business owners and Individuals that live in the Northern areas of these states were unaware that they could file for compensation through the new DeepWater Horizon Settlement Centers.

 The Northern areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, are typically zone D.

A zone D business claim that fits the V-Trend model is the best candidate for getting paid. There are other models, but a business who’s revenue pattern meets the V-trend is by far the easiest claim to prove, and will require the least amount of documentation to file.

For a business in zone D to meet the V-trend revenue pattern, they would see a 15% decline in revenue in 2010, versus the same benchmark period of 09, or 08 and 09, or 07, 08, and 09 averaged together.  It will also see a rise in 2011 of at least 10% during the same benchmark period.

There are several other models such as the modified V-trend, decline only, and the failed business calculation. Businesses which meet a different revenue pattern will most likely have to pass the customer mix test, and claimants will have to identify where their clients came from, how much they spent and when they spent the money. For some businesses this is easy, for others such as restaurants and retailers it can be nearly impossible to track. There are some solutions for the customer mix test.

BP is trying to exclude certain groups from the BP Settlement.

When BP signed the DeepWater horizon Settlement Agreement, they left it uncapped except for the Seafood Compensation aspect. That means that BP could be on the hook for Billions more then they anticipated. They are seeing some large claims come through for Businesses in the Agriculture, Construction, Media ,and Professional areas, and hence want to exclude them. After being shot down by Judge Barbier several times, they are now appealing to the 5th circuit.

BP is also rumored to be in talks with David Cameron the Prime Minister of the U.K., asking him to go directly to President Obama to intervene. After some of the decisions that I have seen the 5th circuit make, I would not be at all surprised that BP may very well get their way. With the right amount of political pressure, accompanied by a huge war chest, and the right Attorneys, my personal opinion is that all bets are off.

Most of the Attorneys we process claims for seem to think that nothing will change. We are not Attorneys, we are claims processors and advocates. My gut says they’re wrong. We have been at this a long time now and have seen crazier things, like Feinberg’s Quick Pays.

Our Team

We do work with Attorneys when necessary,  but usually just on Appeals. We process many claims in house and do work with 2 other processors that I consider the strongest in the business.  Together make up the BP Claims Network. We traditionally charge 15-20% for Business Claims and 25% for Individual claims.

  • We can Assist you with claims that need to be updated from the GCCF days,
  • New claims
  • Incompleteness Notices
  • Denied Claims
  • Claims that have been Appealed by BP
  • Claims that need to be Appealed by the Claimant

If you need help with your BP Claims we will do our best to help you.