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BP Settlement exceeds BP`s Estimate

The 7.8 Billion won`t cover the BP Settlement

bp settlement  7.8 Billion Dollars will not be enough to cover the BP Settlement.  We had told you this before, when they first announced this number, the 7.8 Billion was pie in the sky. The real number will exceed 20 Billion Dollars, that is our projection.  Remember the BP Settlement is uncapped except for those with seafood compensation claims, and that still doesn`t make any sense. You would think that the fishermen on the front lines of this whole disaster would be the ones uncapped.

Fox news reported today that BP will not even release new projections, and that is probably a good idea. Over the last several weeks BP has tried to restrict certain types of claims and tighten up qualifications for existing claims, but the Leadership has fought back, and won the first round. BP does not want to live up to the deal they originally cut, what a shocker. Evidently they may appeal to the 5th circuit.

One Check List for BP Settlement Incomplete’s

So what is BP doing to thwart the BP Claims process, they are called incomplete notices, appeals, and whatever else they can think of. Instead of giving us one checklist to tell us where a claim is deficient, we are receiving an incomplete notice each time a claim needs to be amended. So understand this, and this is very important, each time a claim is given an incomplete notice, it has to go back in the que, when it goes through processing for the second time, it may very well be given an incomplete notice again, traditionally we are seeing that take 2-6 weeks, then the claim gets hit with another incomplete notice and then again another 2-6 weeks. This area of the BP Claims process is clearly broken.

We need ONE CHECKLIST, to cure all the deficiencies, we have been calling for this for months.

At the same time we are seeing BP Settlement Claims get paid, but they are the smaller ones. They seem to be working their way up the ladder, saving the big ones for last. Many of the people in this business I speak to on a daily basis, think this is exactly what they are doing, and so do I. BP Claims should be paid on a first in, and a first out basis, size shouldn`t matter, all though we all know size does.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement to liberal: Really

BP has taken the stance that the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Leadership was too liberal, with some of the initial payouts, and tried to tighten things down over the last several months. The Judge and Patrick Juneau have stemmed this recent BP assault, we will see if  payouts come on a more consistent basis, specifically the larger claims. Time will tell.

The fact remains we are seeing some firms and processors get paid on a more consistent basis then other firms and processors. Many groups have stopped taking on BP Settlement Claims out of frustration with the process. Not us, we are in this for the long haul, we have have been here from the beginning, and we will be here to the end, whenever that is.

Oil Spill Claims Assistance

Our staff is passionate about getting your BP Settlement Claims paid, they are committed to seeing you get what you deserve from the BP Settlement. We have a number of Groups within the network that share that passion, each with a different area of expertise, so whether your a large business claim with multiple locations, or your a mom and pop from the bayou, we will help you with your BP Settlement. There are groups still taking on OPA claims, willing to make the argument, that OPA dates truly started when you found you were injured by the Oil Spill, no guarantees here, but the argument seems to have merit.

In the end, BP signed the Settlement, they should be bound by the Settlement, and pay for the damage they incurred. Nothing else will do, and we will continue to hold their feet to the fire until that happens.