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BP Settlement has been approved by Both Sides

BP Settlement is Finalized Almost

That’s it, That’s all She Wrote, Goodbye to Ken Feinberg and the GCCF, it`s Official and well over due.

The NEW And IMPROVED BP SETTLEMENT and What it Means for YOU!

BP Settlement Architect Attorney Joe Rice

Great news this early Saturday, March 03, 2012; the process appears to have gotten a little easier. There is no cap on the BP Settlement, document requirements have lessened slightly, delays will be near over, greater pay-outs are quite possible, BP will lose control over the fund, and the attorneys at the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC) and the Judiciary will have a greater role.

It’s a win-win situation, and BPClaims.Org affiliates will assist you in your filing. We have been working closely with Attorneys on the PSC since the beginning, they represent may of the clients who have filled out our Free Case Review Form.

We have an extraordinary group of consultants/adjusters, and Attorneys ready to help you with your BP Settlement.

The BP Settlement will be Transparent

The new system is much simpler than the notorious GCCF highly guarded Methodology. You all know what we mean, it is the reason why your co-worker went to the Bahamas and you went to the in-laws for a weekend, even though you both had similar claim.

Those days are over.  The PSC’s system appears much more transparent and easy to understand.  There is a greater emphasis on 2010 income, pre vs. post Spill. What you COULD HAVE made or SHOULD HAVE made will be taken into greater consideration. What you actually lost in the months of the spill will be calculated.

Under the Old GCCF Methodology, 2010 was included into the average, Why? This did not make a whole lot of sense because your 2010 income was already suppressed by BP’s negligent spill. This means that under the GCCF system, BP’s infliction of injury to your earning capacity was taken into account, thus, making a lower pay-out when (and if) it was made.

So, BP essentially used their fault in such a way to lower its own liability to you. THEN the GCCF began demanding 2011 income and used your 2011 increase to wash-out your 2010 losses in a fallacious application of ‘duty to mitigate damages.

Our legal system does not work this way under these circumstances. The GCCF, Feinberg/Rozen and BP would have liked to have us  have thought so. The BP Settlement means those days are over.

The BP Settlement seeks Justice

One Size” no longer fits all. This will be interesting to see. We’ve all heard about or experienced the GCCF Methodology mesh of certain Claimants into un-fitting, inaccurate economic categories. The PSC will execute a Risk Transfer Premium (RTP), which will be the new multiplier used to determine damages.

Details about the RTP will be coming out soon, though some of our affiliates have already created the new calculator factoring in what they thought would be the new multipliers. The multiplier will be based on the location and nature of your employer, or business.

The BP Settlement will help people that are sick from the dispersant Corexit, and the Oil, we at have long advocated for these people as they were overlooked for far to long. We have established relationships with members of the PSC and top Law Firms that were the only people that would take these cases. We know who the pro`s are in this area because we have been working very closely with them since the beginning, if you are sick we want to hear from you.

If you have currently filed and have a pending claim with the GCCF, DO NOT BE ALARMED! The GCCF will institute programs to transition your claim from the GCCF System to the New One.

Currently, there is one final step to this New Settlement. We will be watching the progress of this Settlement Process. The last step is yet to be approved. The Settlement is out, accepted by BP, but will have to be approved by the court.

BPCLAIMS.ORG will be glad to help you through the new process with our expert affiliates!

We have been gearing up for this for months, we are ready.

Good Bye GCCF, Good Bye Mr. Feinberg, we bid you all farewell.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement