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BP Settlement has Been Approved

BP Settlement Judge Barbier Signs the Settlement

bp settlementThe Court Supervised BP Claims Settlement is officially moving forward. Judge Barbier signed off yesterday. There were no major changes to the BP Settlement leaving seafood processors, and people who were forced into quick pays holding the proverbial bag. The Seafood Settlement is also still capped at 2.3 Billion.

The BP Settlement Bonanza

The Settlement for some is incredible news, property owners that border the gulf of Mexico can file claims for a number of reasons, especially if there is or was oil along the shore. Individuals and Business owners under the Settlement have a more concise methodology to figure their BP Settlement Claims. There are several factors that will bolster BP Settlement Claims, such as Industry and Zones. There are several other calculations after you establish the base line claims for your BP Settlement that can greatly enhance your bottom line. The BP Settlement is a windfall for those that qualify in most instances.

The BP Settlement Fund

Supposedly the new BP Settlement Fund will be open for business sometime early June. Though it maybe relatively easy to establish your baseline loss, the other multipliers and factors that increase the loss are by no means easy, and in many instances they hard to understand, go figure.

BP Settlement Example

We had a gentlemen who had a dredging business come to us for help to file his claim. Initially it looked like it was pretty cut and dry, he had a 4 million dollar loss, and had lost his business. By the time the Claims Adjusters we had sent it to got done figuring his claim, his estimated Settlement will be over 12 million dollars.

Our BP Settlement Process

We work with Licensed Claims Adjusters.  Adjusters charge from 7.5%-15% to handle your Claims.

We are here to maximize your BP Claims we do not give legal advice.
We have in house CPA`s and Claims Adjusters with over 30 years of experience.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement.