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BP Settlement Important Deadlines LOOM

BP Settlement Seafood Compensation Deadline

bp settlement  The Date for the capped 2.3 Billion Dollar Seafood Settlement is January 22, 2013.

If you made a living from the Gulfs Natural Resources, and you have not opted out this could be your last chance to receive money from the BP Settlement.

Here are some groups that may want to Apply before it is to late.

  • Oystermen and Oyster Leaseholders: People that are involved in the Oyster Industry in general.
  • Shrimpers
  • Clammers
  • Crabbers
  • Vessel Owners involved into the Seafood Industry: Owners of Vessels related to the Seafood Industry.
  • Commercial Fishermen:
  • Boat captains including businesses, that make a living harvesting finfish, crab, shrimp from the Gulf.
  • Crew Claims: First Mate, Second Mate, Deck Hands

OPA Claims Presentment Deadline is January 20, 2013,

*please note if you are not located in a zone approved by the DeepWater Horizon Settlement, but your client base is in a zone, your claims are EXCLUDED.

If you have already Opted Out of the Settlement, you must fill out the form for OPA Presentment by the January 20, 2013.

You must file for OPA Presentment if you fall into these Categories

Who was Excluded from The DeepWater Horizon Settlement

These types of businesses and their employees are for the most part not included in the Settlement, if you have not filed though OPA the time is NOW.

  • Most Casino Type Institutions;
  • Most Fund, Trust, and Banking Entities;
  • Most Defense Contractors;
  • Most Oil & Gas Industry Entities;
  • Most Insurance Companies;
  • Bodily Injury Claims;
  • BP Shareholder Suits;
  • Moratorium Loss Claims;
  • Claims relating to Menhaden (or “pogy”) fishing, selling, processing, and harvesting;

Claims for Damages by Companies or Individuals for employment in the Financial, Insurance, Banking, Gaming, Oil & Gas, Defense Contractor industries, and Real Estate Development, as well as Entities selling or BP-branded fuel.

You can download OPA Presentment Form at