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BP Settlement latest News

Two years ago from this coming Thursday, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and killed 11 workers.  This tragedy has spawned thousands of lawsuits against BP, and its affiliates Transocean, the Vernier, and Halliburton CO.  These lawsuits and claims include individual claims, business claims, VOO claims, medical claims, oystermen claims, fishermen claims, shrimper’s claims, crabber claims, property damage claims, property value claims, waiter and waitress claims, etc.  Thousands of people across the Gulf Coast are still feeling effects from the 2010 BP Oil spill and are patiently waiting for any updated BP Settlement News.

Breaking News:  BP Settlement News

Today’s BP Settlement News: BP Attorneys and the litigation attorneys who are suing BP for the 2010 BP Oil spill have filed the settlement agreement with U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier for approval.  BP has agreed to pay $7.8 Billion to pay out claims for damaged property, economic loss and medical claims.  This settlement was reached back in March and the negotiations have come to a close.  We are now waiting to hear back from Judge Barbier for approval to move forward.  This settlement will not cover any of the federal government claims or individual State lawsuits.  Barbier has given a deadline of May 3rd when a closed door status conference will take place.

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BP Settlement News:  Two separate settlement agreements

The two separate settlement agreements will cover economic loss and property damage claims, and then medical claims.  These settlement agreements should compensate individuals who suffered a loss and businesses who suffered a loss due to the BP Oil spill fairly.  The plaintiffs are pushing for damages and monitoring for anyone who has suffered physically from the Oil Spill or from any of the clean-up chemicals such as the Corexit.    This settlement should include claims for any injuries from the spill and also close medical observation.

Once this BP settlement is approved it will be the guidelines for what claims are covered, what documentation is needed to get your claim approved and the calculations on how compensation is decided.  Many people are being told that they need to seek the help of an attorney to get their settlement.  This is not the case.  Claims adjusters and consultants will also be able to handle some of these claims and will do it for much less than most attorney groups.

BP Settlement News: Don’t Take Assumptions as Facts

BP Settlement News is everywhere and you should be very careful what you believe to be fact.  Many groups are making assumptions and creating their own BP Settlement News based on their own assumptions.  This will not only waste your time but can also be costly if you are trying to get your settlement with the wrong information.  We will have the latest BP Settlement News updated daily and will only give you the facts that we know to be true or let you know that things could change.