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BP Settlement News and BP Oil Spill Claims Issues

The BP Settlement and Our Concerns

bp settlementThe BP Settlement under some scenarios is not as near as fruitful for many businesses as the initial GCCF was. In some instances it may actually pay to take a Quick Pay, I never thought I would be saying that, in other instance the future trending allowed under the GCCF was much more favorable then under the BP Settlement for some claims. It really is a case by case issue.

BP Settlement and other Issues Medical/Quick Pays/Oystermen

The BP Settlement has addressed a lot of issues, we are hearing from may of you that you took Quick Pays after being starved out, we are creating a database of you so that we can assist you in a number of ways, we will help you. We have been talking to several firms that are wiling to represent people in a massive class action against BP if these issues are not resolved. We have been told that the BP Quick Pays maybe back on the table, but not as a part of the BP Settlement as recently as yesterday. We will keep holding BP`s feet to the fire until this is resolved.

BP Oil Spill Claims and the BP Settlement Medical Issues

This is perhaps the greatest concern we have and that is people that work in the water most notably the Oyster Harvesters are getting sick at an alarming rate, and many of you have not even drawn the connection that it could all be caused by the dispersant corexit and the oil. There is a common theme of elevated blood pressure that is causing strokes and heart attack, please get checked by a physician if you are experiencing head aches, light headedness, kidney issues, liver issues and a myriad of other disorders.


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