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bp settlement thoughts and more

deepwater horizon settlementRound 1 goes to the PEOPLE. Will there be more rounds? You can bet on it. I have been telling ya’ll for months now that the people that run the bp settlement are on your side. If you have not gotten that by now, stop reading. I will no longer capitalize bp. They just don’t deserve it.

The settlements fought hard against bp Friday, and guess what, the good guys won. Many of you do not even know it yet, but you/we won.

This is not bp, nor is it Feinberg, and his regime.

This is a group, however imperfect, that truly has one goal in mind, and this is to make you whole. Yes a few lawyers got greedy, and did favors for their friends, imagine that.

I can tell you stories about lawyers and greed, but let’s not go there, okay maybe just for a minute. You know who you are, and you know, I know who you are. What you need to remember is that this was always about the victims, and not lining your coffers. Fair warning here, don`t forget this is about the people, and not your bottom line.

Put your egos and your pocketbooks aside, and do the right thing.

I have heard from many claimants that their lawyer, or their firm, decided not to answer incompleteness notices on the claimant’s behalf, so that they could litigate, or go into OPA, without the clients consent. The point is, many of your clients want to take a fair bp settlement offer, but you are not letting them. On the other end of the equation, you want a higher percentage, and you all want litigation. This is clearly a tactic used by some attorneys. The fact you continue to ignore is that this is about the people. I implore you to help them.

We are here to defend, to cherish, and to assist; especially those that have been forgotten. We at have assisted those that many believed could not be helped. Some we could not, due to documentation issues but we did what we could to help. The fact is, economically this does not work, but for us this was never about economics. We will still continue to fight our hardest to help you and others. If you feel we can help you, please make sure you have your documents in order. If you do so, we will fight for you regardless of our financial gain, this was never about money for us, it’s so much deeper than that. There are far too many who are just in it for the cash.

Now, if you are a strong business claim, and can help US cut our losses by helping individuals, we would really appreciate the opportunity of handling your claim. We handle large claims well, and so do the partners in our Network. We have passion, and we get bp claims paid, probably better than anyone out there.