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BP Settlement VOO Claims:

 BP Settlement VOO Claims Overview

This is conjecture until the Settlement is announced, but educated conjecture.

bp settlement voo claimsAs you may have heard, the BP Settlement was filed today, 4/16/12, with the Eastern District Court. The court will meet with the parties, the Plaintiff Steering Committee and BP, et al., on May 3rd.

The meeting will be to hear objections, hear the applicable laws applied to the Settlement Agreement, then, hopefully, make FINAL modifications. We will keep you posted to the details.

As for BP Settlement VOO Claims, there are a few things you should know now. You should know who qualifies and the methods to calculate your awards for BP Settlement VOO claims.

 BP Settlement VOO Claims Class

The class created for BP Settlement VOO claims will include the owners of the vessels used in the VOO program, the boat captains and crew members of those vessels and the ones who were contracted to start working, but did not work.

In other words, to make a BP Settlement VOO claim, you had to have a signed the Vessels of Opportunity Charter Agreement. In addition to the VOO Agreement, you must have the VOO training, IN ADDITION TO the Agreement, in order to qualify for payment. If you were a deckhand on a VOO vessel, you need pay stubs or employer letters that verified you as an employee on board the VOO vessel.

If you meet the above criteria for the BP Settlement VOO claims, you will be able to be compensated based on the amount you worked. BP Settlement VOO claims will be awarded a percentage.

The more a VOO operator worked, the less that operator will get paid. BP Settlement VOO claims made up of a VOO operator, or deckhand, who was put on the waiting list, will be able to receive an award equal to market charter rates for a set number of days.

BP Settlement VOO claims made up of a VOO operator that worked in the program, will be able to get an award for the same market charter rate, but for less days, because they actually worked. The word is if you were out on VOO and worked 1 day you will get paid for 26 days but, we are still waiting to hear exactly what the BP Settlement mandates.

 BP Settlement VOO Claims and Multiple Claims

Keep in mind, that BP Settlement VOO claims will be made up of a large grouping of commercial fishermen and crabbers. If you happen to be a class member in the BP Settlement VOO claims, you may also file for a BP Settlement economic loss claims.

You will most likely be able to qualify for a separate payment, if you relied upon the fishing industry. You will also be likely eligible for the BP Medical Settlement as many people on the VOO got sick from the Oil and Dispersant.

We can help you, our Adjusters charge 15% to build your files and present it to the BP Settlement Center. If you are sick an Attorney will at some point take over the file to sue BP.

We will help you with your BP Settlement VOO Claims.