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VOO Claims and the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Settlement

VOO Claims are the first being paid under the BP Settlement

The first claims being paid under the BP Settlement are VOO Claims, we just got a VOO Claim paid in 20 days.

 BP VOO Settlement: VOO Claims will be Paid Under New BP Settlement

The new BP Settlement will pay out to those who contracted under the VOO program.  There are new calculations in order to determine the compensation paid out.  Boat Captains and deck crew will be covered under the BP VOO Settlement if they signed the VOO agreement, went through the VOO training and can show supporting documentation of payroll and or letters from the company you were contracted with.  The compensation calculations are based on the length of your boat, and other factors.   For those who worked one day they will receive pay for 26 days..  This will also be paid at the market Charter rate.

BP VOO Settlement: Candidates Probably Qualify for Multiple Claims

Most of the people who signed up under the VOO program were commercial fishermen, crabbers, shrimpers, oystermen, and their deck hands.  If this is true and you qualify under the VOO program you may also qualify to file for economic loss.  This would be a separate claim and separate payment if you relied upon the Gulf of Mexico for fishing.

You may also qualify for the BP Medical Settlement if after being exposed to the oil and the dispersants used to clean up the Oil, you fell ill.  Thousands of claims are being filed for those who ate the seafood from the gulf, lived or worked closely to the beaches, and helped with the clean-up efforts.  Many of these people suffered medical ailments due to exposure and do qualify to file a BP Medical Claim.  Those of you who were out on boats and directly in the oil and the dispersants had a greater chance of falling ill and if so would also qualify to file a BP Medical Claim.

We can help all categories of Claimants and our Adjusters charge 15% to collect your documents, finish your file and submit it to the BP Settlement Center. If you are have fallen ill due to the oil spill and need to file a BP Medical claim an Attorney will then take over the file to sue BP.

If you would like to speak to a BP Settlement Expert please fill out the claim evaluation form to the right and we will contact you back today.  Seeking the help of an experienced group is important in filing for your BP Settlement.  Mistakes are costly and time consuming and we are here to make sure your Claim if filed correctly the first time and your compensation is fair.  We handle every type of claim and will get you to the best fit for your case. Talk to the BP Settlement Experts today.