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Casino Claims and the GCCF

GCCF & Casino Workers

From some of the grumblings I hear, the GCCF is getting ready to release a formula for Casino Workers.
Casino workers claims were originally excluded by the GCCF as I understand it, then were given some leeway within the GCCF Claims process, and now are getting their own formula to figure out their estimated loss the GCCF way. Since the GCCF is recognizing the Casino Workers affected by the Oil Spill and creating a methodology for them, it is a plus. In my opinion their claims have been overlooked by the GCCF, and some Attorneys chose not to take them. I like the Attorneys who decided to take them out of the gate, because they saw the connection, and these people needed help. Oil Spill Attorneys that realized the connection, or nexus as they call it have a clearer understanding of what it takes to get a casino workers claims through, as they have more experience doing it. I would expect to see a wave of Attorneys taking casino workers GCCF cases or claims now, what I might ask is if they had been accepting cases since the beginning.

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