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DeepWater Horizon Settlement Begins Tomorrow

deepwater horizon settlement  Tomorrow is the day many have been waiting for. The DeepWater Horizon Settlement finally gets underway.

If you need any Help getting your questions answered we are here to help you, just call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We have expanded  our staff for as long as needed to assist in the DeepWater Horizon  Settlement. Our BP Claims Experts are standing by awaiting your call.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement has many facets to it. They includes zones, industry types and different sets of multipliers. It also includes a great number of multiple claims for sole individuals.

If you need our assistance in any of the above mentioned issues, we would be happy to assist you. We here at BP Claims can not give you legal advise, since we are not attorneys, but we can help you make up your own mind and tell you the truth and what you qualify for under the BP Settlement.  If you need to speak to an attorney or claims adjusters we will assist you, and to get you to the industry experts with proven track records in the field.

The DeepWater Horizons Settlement will just be emerging out of its infancy tomorrow – June 4th. Expect issues with their processing capabilities for the first few weeks. We have heard form several sources that there will be quite a few oversights until they finally “hone their own process.” If you experience any difficulties with DeepWater Horizons Settlement or the facilitation there of, please call us.

We will do what we can to help you and will express your concerns to the leadership of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement if needed.

We are the Advocate for you the Client. In order for us to process claims quickly and maximize them, it is in our  best interest.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Solutions

If you are an individual that has been effected by the BP Oil spill, we can help you. We have attorneys and claims adjusters standing by. There charges range from 7.5% over $1,000,000 to 30% for complex medical claims. The average rate per claim is between 15-20% and they do not get paid until YOU get paid. No out of pocket expenses.

For your convenience and those of our DeepWater Horizon settlement teams we will be your liaison for gathering all documentation and creating your claim packet. Therefore, if you want to know where your claim stands, you just have one phone number to call…. 1-800-BP-CLAIMS

We will help you with your DeepWater Horizon Settlement

Deepwater Horizon Settlements News

Deepwater Horizon Settlements and You

deepwater horizon settlementsDeepwater Horizon Settlements will be the mechanism for you to settle your BP Claims. The Deepwater Court Supervised Settlement Program will cover economic and medical claims associated with the BP Oil Spill.

The only reason there is a Deepwater Horizons Settlements Program, is because of the dismal failure of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The track record of the GCCF was shameful for many as they preyed upon the fishermen, crabbers, and shrimpers of the Gulf Coast.

Many others were starved into taking Quick Pays, and the buzz around creating a Class Action for those preyed upon has been intensifying in recent weeks.

Who runs the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program

The Deepwater Horizons Settlements will be run as a court supervised program under Judge Barbier and the administrator Patrick Juneau.

The entities processing the claims will remain the same from the GCCF, this is a concern. New guidelines will of course be in place, but after the debacle of the GCCF and knowing what we do about their internal processing methods, we will be watching them like a Hawk, and letting you know how it goes.

Do You Qualify for Deepwater Horizon Settlements

If you did not take a quick pay or a final claim and can prove you were impacted by the BP Oil Spill you most likely qualify.Individuals and Businesses that took final claims that were only paid 60% still qualify for the BP Settlement. The Deep Water Horizon Settlements program was meant to do the greatest amount of good for the most amount of people.

If you did take a final or a quick pay, but worked on the V.O.O or are sick you still qualify for the BP Settlement.

Were there people left out of the BP Settlement that should have been addressed, you bet there were, and we are are hard at work still trying to help you. If you were damaged economically, physically or if your property was damaged the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is meant to help you.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Help

It is our belief that the best thing you can do to insure that you are prepared for the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is to have a well documented BP Settlement Claim, and from what we have been seeing is that many of you will have multiple claims under the BP Settlement Program.

We work with licensed Claims Adjusters that have specialized in Hurricane and Tornado Claims for over 30 years, they know how to document these types of claims, and they are often called in as experts when multiple claims and issues arise in Judicial proceedings.

This is exactly what they do. They will document your claim for you. They charge 7.5%-15%.

We also work with Attorneys if they are needed, the Attorney`s we work with have a proven track record.

We will Help you with your Deepwater Horizon Settlements.


BP Settlement News and BP Oil Spill Claims Issues

The BP Settlement and Our Concerns

bp settlementThe BP Settlement under some scenarios is not as near as fruitful for many businesses as the initial GCCF was. In some instances it may actually pay to take a Quick Pay, I never thought I would be saying that, in other instance the future trending allowed under the GCCF was much more favorable then under the BP Settlement for some claims. It really is a case by case issue.

BP Settlement and other Issues Medical/Quick Pays/Oystermen

The BP Settlement has addressed a lot of issues, we are hearing from may of you that you took Quick Pays after being starved out, we are creating a database of you so that we can assist you in a number of ways, we will help you. We have been talking to several firms that are wiling to represent people in a massive class action against BP if these issues are not resolved. We have been told that the BP Quick Pays maybe back on the table, but not as a part of the BP Settlement as recently as yesterday. We will keep holding BP`s feet to the fire until this is resolved.

BP Oil Spill Claims and the BP Settlement Medical Issues

This is perhaps the greatest concern we have and that is people that work in the water most notably the Oyster Harvesters are getting sick at an alarming rate, and many of you have not even drawn the connection that it could all be caused by the dispersant corexit and the oil. There is a common theme of elevated blood pressure that is causing strokes and heart attack, please get checked by a physician if you are experiencing head aches, light headedness, kidney issues, liver issues and a myriad of other disorders.


We will help you with your BP Settlement.


BP Settlement News: Preliminary Approval a Step Closer

BP Settlement Breaking News

bp settlementJudge Barbier heard from Plaintiffs Lawyers and BP Lawyers why the BP Settlement should be approved yesterday, it is highly likely that preliminary approval will be granted. That is good news for many people and businesses that still have BP Claims that have languished at the GCCF.

People with denied claims, stalled claims, and people who have not filed yet but have valid claims should find some sense of relief. We can help you with your BP Settlement if you fill out the form to the right.

Other Attorneys addressed concerns about the BP Settlement for their constituencies such as the Shrimpers.

Jim Hood went up to bat for the people that took Quick Pays, over 200,000 people should have a second shot at BP he explained, many of them signed off due to economic duress. We all know that BP and the GCCF preyed on these people and many of them were the hardest hit by the Oil Spill the Shrimpers, Crabbers and Oystermen. They seemed to have targeted these groups from the beginning.

Mr. Hood went on to say they need to  “nullify the illegal, illegally-obtained and unconscionable” Quick Pays. Mr Hood you are a hero to us and too many. If you have taken these please fill out the form to the right we want to here from you, please specify you the quick pay in the comment section.

These people should be made whole under the BP Settlement. We had spoken to one of his aides just days before, they are taking this issue to task.

BP Settlement: Charter Fishermen and Processors

Attorneys argued that Shrimp processors needed to have a better RTP rate then a common business claim under the BP Settlement, this is pretty much a no brainer. They are directly tied to the health of the shrimping industry, this had to be had to be some sort of oversight.

In fact any Seafood processor whose down stream was affected by the Oil Spill should be given the same RTP`s as the people who supply them when they are so dramatically tied to the Health of the Gulf. This should also apply to Charter Boat Captains and anyone that makes a living from the Gulfs bounty or the lack there of and should be covered in the BP Settlement.

Our BP Settlement Help Line 1-800-BP-CLAIM

If you need assistance filing your BP Settlement or just have a few questions we will do our best to help you. We have been fielding over 200 calls a day from people affected through out the Gulf Region, we would ask that your calls come between the hours of 8 am- 7 pm e.s.t. We have been here from the beginning and we will be here till the end. The BP Settlement is not the end.

We have been at this a long time now, we advocate for one group, the people affected by the BP Oil Spill. We are here to get people paid and Strongly believe we have layed out the best network of licensed Claims Adjusters and Attorneys to do just that, get you paid. We will not tolerate Entities that don`t do their job within the network.

As always Licensed Claims Adjusters start at 15% for Standard Claims and as low as 7.5% for large loss claims over 1 million dollars.

Attorneys Charge between 20%-33.3% for standard cases.

If you ever feel that you are having issues with anyone that we forwarded your information to, and they are not being responsive, we are just a phone call a away and we will deal with it on the spot.


We will Help you with your BP Settlement

BP Settlement VOO Claims:

 BP Settlement VOO Claims Overview

This is conjecture until the Settlement is announced, but educated conjecture.

bp settlement voo claimsAs you may have heard, the BP Settlement was filed today, 4/16/12, with the Eastern District Court. The court will meet with the parties, the Plaintiff Steering Committee and BP, et al., on May 3rd.

The meeting will be to hear objections, hear the applicable laws applied to the Settlement Agreement, then, hopefully, make FINAL modifications. We will keep you posted to the details.

As for BP Settlement VOO Claims, there are a few things you should know now. You should know who qualifies and the methods to calculate your awards for BP Settlement VOO claims.

 BP Settlement VOO Claims Class

The class created for BP Settlement VOO claims will include the owners of the vessels used in the VOO program, the boat captains and crew members of those vessels and the ones who were contracted to start working, but did not work.

In other words, to make a BP Settlement VOO claim, you had to have a signed the Vessels of Opportunity Charter Agreement. In addition to the VOO Agreement, you must have the VOO training, IN ADDITION TO the Agreement, in order to qualify for payment. If you were a deckhand on a VOO vessel, you need pay stubs or employer letters that verified you as an employee on board the VOO vessel.

If you meet the above criteria for the BP Settlement VOO claims, you will be able to be compensated based on the amount you worked. BP Settlement VOO claims will be awarded a percentage.

The more a VOO operator worked, the less that operator will get paid. BP Settlement VOO claims made up of a VOO operator, or deckhand, who was put on the waiting list, will be able to receive an award equal to market charter rates for a set number of days.

BP Settlement VOO claims made up of a VOO operator that worked in the program, will be able to get an award for the same market charter rate, but for less days, because they actually worked. The word is if you were out on VOO and worked 1 day you will get paid for 26 days but, we are still waiting to hear exactly what the BP Settlement mandates.

 BP Settlement VOO Claims and Multiple Claims

Keep in mind, that BP Settlement VOO claims will be made up of a large grouping of commercial fishermen and crabbers. If you happen to be a class member in the BP Settlement VOO claims, you may also file for a BP Settlement economic loss claims.

You will most likely be able to qualify for a separate payment, if you relied upon the fishing industry. You will also be likely eligible for the BP Medical Settlement as many people on the VOO got sick from the Oil and Dispersant.

We can help you, our Adjusters charge 15% to build your files and present it to the BP Settlement Center. If you are sick an Attorney will at some point take over the file to sue BP.

We will help you with your BP Settlement VOO Claims.