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Deepwater Horizon Settlement Outline

deepwater horizon settlement imageOutline of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement

The Court-Supervised Deepwater Horizon Settlement was set forth to compensate businesses and individuals that were financially harmed by the oil spill explosion caused by BP in April of 2010. BP has estimated the costs related to compensating claims to be 7.8 billion dollars; however, there is no cap on the total amount that will be paid out. The total amount of compensation will depend upon the number of qualifying claims that receive an offer. Therefore, the estimated 100,000 claims being filed may end up receiving less than the 7.8 billion dollars that has been set aside, or more.

Is anyone excluded from filing to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement?

There are certain industries that BP has excluded from the Settlement. Those who owned a business in or worked within any of the industries listed below are ineligible to file claims to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

  • Governmental Organizations
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Insurance Entities
  • Financial Institutions, Funds, Financial Trusts, and other Financial Vehicles
  • Oil and Gas Industry Entities
  • Entities selling or marketing BP-branded fuel
  • Gaming and Casino Entities
  • Those who chose to exclude themselves from the Economic Class
  • Those that were required to file under the Oil Pollution Act

How can I determine my eligibility to file a claim?

Businesses and Individuals in almost any other industry may be eligible to file a claim providing the physical address of their business or employer from the time of the spill falls within one of the designated “Economic Loss Zones”. These are geographic regions that have been recognized by BP as areas that were either directly or indirectly affected by the spill.

How can I determine my business loss?

After you have determined that your business was located within an Economic Loss Zone, it will be time to take a look at your financials.

All businesses, (except those located in Zone A) will need to prove their damages (causation) by showing a specific percentage of lost revenue, lost variable profit, and loss of potential revenue growth in the selected months of 2010, as compared to the same months in the benchmark period. They will also need to show a specific amount of uptake in those same months in 2011. This revenue pattern is referred to as the V-trend and if the financial documents follow this pattern, the business automatically proves causation.

What documents do I need to provide for a Deepwater Horizon Settlement claim evaluation?

The initial causation test is a complex, formulaic calculation which can quickly determine whether your business qualifies under the settlement, and roughly how much compensation you are eligible to receive. The preliminary test requires the following:

  • Business Address
  • NAICS code
  • Gross Revenue Statements from Jan 2007- Dec 2011 (or a minimum of Jan 2009-Dec 2011)

After this calculation, if it is determined that the claim is valid, additional paperwork will be needed to make the claim complete under the guidelines of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

Why Should I Seek the Help of a  Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims Preparer?

The Court-Supervised Settlement Agreement is a 1,300 page document filled with complexities and intricacies that can be confusing and frustrating to those with no experience in this field.

Our team of experts prepares and files claims that have been checked for accuracy and validity. We help the client prepare all necessary documents and ensure the claim is complete before it is filed.

Our financial calculations are preformed either by a CPA, or under the direct supervision of a CPA, to ensure we come as close to the actual compensation amount as possible.

Should there be any discrepancies from the settlement once the claim has been filed, we handle all incompleteness notices, appeals, re-reviews, reconsiderations, or denials in a timely manner.

We fight for our clients and push the claim as far as it can possibly go within the Deepwater Horizon settlement. If the claim cannot proceed any further, and the claimant does not receive a settlement, they owe us nothing.

Time is Limited – Act Now!

If you have your paperwork ready, we can quickly calculate whether or not your business qualifies under the guidelines of the settlement. Time is running low; with the deadline to file all claims being April 22, 2014. The more quickly we can gather the documents, evaluate and file the claim, the more quickly it can be reviewed and paid out through the settlement.

If you’ve ever wondered if you qualify to file a BP Claim and you have the preliminary documents at hand, call us today or fill out the form on this page to speak to claims representative immediately.  Help is just a phone call away.

BP Claims Advisers LLC

BP Claims Audit is On

The BP Claims Audit Starts NOW

bp claims audit

The BP Claims Audit Begins

The BP Claims audit is underway according to the Justice Department, they have selected BDO consulting a New York based consulting firm. Representative Jo Bonner had asked Attorney General Eric Holder for an audit back in June. Marc Rubio and Joe Wicker two Gulf Coast Senators pushed through language in appropriation bills last month calling for an audit. The 20 Billion dollar fund run by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility under Ken Feinberg has been difficult for many to get much needed relief from. The fact is though some areas and sectors have rebounded after the BP Oil Spill, the health of the Gulf of Mexico remains uncertain and the seafood  industry has been devastated.

What to Expect from the BP Claims Audit

The BP Claims audit will go one of two ways, it will uncover the true level of inconsistency and overall systematic errors in the BP Claims process, or it will gloss over the whole BP Claims process, and we will have more of the same. This is pure conjecture on my part, but after covering this for over a year and a half, you get to know the players and the overall  landscape. A new player entering the equation is a hopeful sign though. U.S. Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli said that he would like to see the audit completed in March of 2012. If indeed the audit is successful, it is quite possible we could be dealing with a completely different BP Claims process, this has been mentioned several times in the last month.

How should you proceed with your BP Claims

Many BP Claims that have been filed by individuals, accountant groups, attorneys and some consulting groups are not complete. It is very important that all the information that is needed to file your BP Claims be present, organized and calculated correctly. If your BP claims preparer is asking you for more documentation it is very important that you give it to them in a timely fashion.

We have recently been working with an Individual that worked directly for Brown Greer, the Law firm that processed the BP Claims for the GCCF. He worked for the other side and now he works with us, and can work for you. He is here to help you, even if you want to handle the claim yourself. His understanding of the BP Claims process is far reaching. If you would like to engage him, and handle your claim yourself or to assist your accountant or attorney, he will advise you how to present and calculate your claim to optimize the chances for payment, due to the nature of the claims process and the size of claims, his fee is based on a sliding scale. An initial consultation is free. He is a legally trained claims reviewer with a J.D. from Ave Maria School of Law. If for whatever reason you decide you would like us to handle your claim after your consultation, your consultation fees will be rebated back to you, when you are paid by the GCCF.

If you would like us to handle your claim directly we can do so for the 15%, of the final award from the GCCF. If you need the assistance of an Attorney we have been working for sometime with what we consider the best in the business, and can suggest several.

We will Help you with Your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims Audit is On
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack





BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida

BP Claims Group gets client paid in 3 weeks.

bp claims

BP Claims

The client came into one of our BP Claims Team members offices on November 16th, she is a nail technician in an area with a high rate of tourism. She lost a tremendous amount of business due to the lack of tourism. She had all of her paperwork prepared, and the file was calculated, and needed paperwork was added. Her BP Claim was submitted days later.

On Tuesday of last week she received an Interim offer of $22,500, and a final offer of $22,500. Her claim was clearly out of the area directly impacted by the Spill, but did suffer do to the lack of tourism, a stigma from the spill. She was also part of a new group of claims that were submitted after creating a new processing program, this should ensure a much higher rate of success. We will keep you updated. We will continue to innovate and create new relationships to better serve.

BP Claims are getting paid by the GCCF

The GCCF will often pay your BP Claims if they are valid, and put together in a way that is understandable to the people processing the claims, the key here is to format your BP Claims in such away that they are easily understood. We have been told by the people that are actually processing your BP Claims exactly how to do this. One of our consultant groups we work with now has it`s own representative in the offices Brown Greer, the law firm that is actually processing your BP Claims. This new relationship with an Insider at Brown Greer has proved most useful.

There is a strict set of criteria that the claims must meet, these include financial tests, show causation, proper trending, and the calculations to substantiate the claims. We have also learned that about 75% of the claims that are submitted, fail one or more of these prerequisites, these are not just claims submitted by Individuals and Businesses, but by Attorneys, Accountants, and other Claims Groups. If the BP Claims process was more transparent this would not be the case.

The problem here is that the GCCF has never been completely transparent on how the claims processors need the claim formatted, so it can be understood in a clear and concise manner then processed. Many people believe that the more information one puts in the claim the better. This only allows for more errors while processing. BP Claims need to be put together in a simple and concise format.

The GCCF has been difficult from the beginning, it is our goal to ease these issues, and get to the root of the matter, which is getting your BP Claims paid. If this proves to be an impossible task, more litigious avenues will be utilized.

BP Claims Free Review.

Many of the team members will review your BP Claims for free. If you have received an offer that you think is too low, or if you claim has been denied, found deficient, or is still stalled at the GCCF, the BP Claims Experts that we have connected with will review your BP Claims at no charge. If they can get you more then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has offered you, they will only charge you for the extra money received. That charge is 15% if you use a consultant, and 25%-33.3% if you need the services of an Attorney.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less

GCCF Helps the Crabbers and Shrimpers Finally

GCCF Victim

GCCF Finally Helps

GCCF pay Czar Ken Feinberg changed the rules once again, for some it was a plus and others a definitive minus. The Shrimpers and the Crabbers were given a better deal, Finally. Here is the meat of the new GCCF Deal for the shrimpers and crabbers affected. The question is, and this is the big question, will the GCCF finally pay their BP Claims.
1) Four times each claimant’s 2010 Actual Documented Losses (except for claimants with 2010 losses in excess of $500,000); or
2) The total actual documented losses through the date of the determination of the Final Claim.

GCCF makes it more difficult for Others

On September 3 we told you the GCCF was going to make some changes in November. They Did

Individuals and Business`s that live along the Gulf of Mexico, but were not in the direct path of the spill, will find it harder to prove damages. Primarily these areas lie to the West and the South of the direct path of where the oil spill washed ashore. Documentation for Individual and Business Claimants, even if on the Florida Peninsula Gulf Shoreline, will have to prove a causal link between the Spill and their loss of income. This new rule is immediately effective, as of 11/30/11 and will be retroactively applied to all claims that are, as you know the phrase, ‘still under review.
The issue with this is that there is some evidence that these areas did rebound, as did some areas that were directly affected by the Spill. The problem with this is that many individuals and businesses suffered catastrophic losses in 2010 or their business did not grow as expected and they suffered serious setbacks, and this needs to be accounted for, and now further explained to the GCCF. Furthermore, there are many individuals and businesses who did not file a claim for losses in 2010 because, though they realized a loss caused by the Spill, they made the false assumption they could not file because oil did not touch Florida Peninsula Gulf beaches. As you know, the whole Florida Peninsula still bared the stigma of BP’s extreme negligence. Tourists did not come here, because of the Spill; seafood industry harvesters and processors could not work, because of the Spill.
The increased difficulty for you to prove your claim against BP is unjust, without cause, without warning, proper notice and is a discriminatory practice of justice. It’s another scheme to allow BP to skate by without honoring its obligations to us. Which is why, we are here, because we will hold BP accountable.

The GCCF Giveth and the GCCF Taketh Away

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is getting some great press for giving the shrimpers and crabbers a higher payout. What you’re not hearing about, is how they are going to take the money from one group and give it to another, which is basically what they are doing. In the end the money they are trying to withhold from groups in the Florida Peninsula and Texas will eclipse the money that they are going to be giving to the Crabbers and Shrimpers for their BP claims. Do you really believe the BP propaganda commercials? Did you get paid fairly? No? What’s the matter, still ‘under review?’ Do you really believe all is well? Did you have a booming season? What? No? BP disagrees and is content on telling you otherwise. Are you going to stand for it?

Didn’t think so.

Want Help, fill out the form to the right Consultants can help you for just 15% of what you receive, Attorneys start at 25%

We can Help You with the GCCF


Article: GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


Denied/Delayed BP Claims

bp claims

BP Claims

The Top 7 Reasons why BP Claims get Denied or Delayed

Most of these are curable and shouldn`t have happened if prepared properly.

7. Category Denial. Being an Oil Rig Worker/Oil Spill Clean Up Worker/government employee

6. Deficiency Denial. Failing to provide needed information within the 30 day expiration period.

5. Deficiency Denial. Failing to provide income data and not submitting evidence before the 30 day expiration to cure the deficiency.

4. Deficiency Denial. Failing to provide evidence of employment/business at the time of the Spill.

3. Trending Failure. The business demonstrated a Post-Spill economic gain.

2. Reviewer Error. An error is made by the reviewer while processing. This often happens if the claims is not formatted in an understandable manner.

And the number 1 reason for denial of GCCF claims……


All of these reasons are valid for getting your BP Claims Denied. For the most part they are also curable. This is why we have assembled a Team of BP Claims Experts to help you with your BP Claims. Some BP Claims are best handled by Consultants and Adjusters that can cure deficiencies with your GCCF Denied Claims, while in other instances you may need an Attorney to help you get through causation or category issues. As the BP Claims process has evolved so have we, we will continue to evolve as needed. Whether it is a consultant or an Attorney or a combination of both, we will help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims in the News

The GCCF has been in the news lately, it has shown it`s contempt for accountability and the transparency that it once promised. Jim Hood The Attorney General from Mississippi is holding their feet to the fire, and just won a legal victory by getting the Hearings for his audit moved to the State Court of Mississippi. He has been trying since February to audit the Mississippi BP Claims, Ken Feinberg made promises of transparency, but is hiding behind legal wrangling, trying to delay the inevitable. Promises were made, and promises continue to be broken by Ken Feinberg and the GCCF.

How we Handle your BP Claims.

When you fill out a free case review for your BP Claims, we put that information in the hands of the best Team member that can best facilitate your claim getting paid.

We are not aligned with one particular Law Firm or Consultant/Adjuster s firm. We simply want your claim handled by the best group for your particular case.

Think about it this way, do you want the same firm that is handling your business claim, also handling your medical claim, probably not.

Some of our Team members are Large Loss Experts, and have gotten millions in BP Claims paid, others specialize in BP Restaurant Claims , while others specialize with Causation issues, Denied BP Claims, and claims Stalled at the GCCF. Team members range from Claims Consultants and Adjusters to Attorneys that have been up against BP before, and won the largest awards that BP has ever had to pay out. The results have been impressive, lately we are getting BP Claims paid that are organized and calculated properly in record time.

Claims preparation and presentation to the GCCF starts at just 15%, if an Attorney is needed representation starts at just 25%. All fees are paid on a contingency basis, they don`t get paid until you do.

We can Help you with your BP Claims.


Article: Denied BP Claims
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


BP Claims News: States to get Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages, O.PA. and BP Claims

BP Claims

Juge Barbier

BP Claims Update: BP will not face claims under states law but under maritime law. The states can sue for punitive damages and negligence as well as product liability. The states law was preempted by the law governing the Outer Continental Shelf, therefore state environmental laws and penalties were excluded. The states will be able to recover their costs however for oil spill clean up. Judge Barbier also noted that BP waived the 75 million dollar cap under O.P.A. Under O.P.A. the states can recover losses due to lost profits and revenues as well as, damage to natural resources and property. If this holds true for the states, shouldn`t it hold true for the individuals and businesses that were affected in those states?

Vessels of Opportunity and BP Claims

As the fight to clean up the oil ensued last year, many fishermen were enrolled in the vessels of opportunity program, known to many as V.O.O. Fishermen and boat owners risked their personal safety and the their boats to clean up as much oil as they could out of the Gulf of Mexico. In June of last year moved by the tragic events that were unfolding I went out to Grand Isle and saw first hand what these fishermen were facing. Let me tell you it wasn`t pretty. You could taste the Corexit in the air as it was being scattered all over the Gulf by planes. BP was suppose to pick up the costs of having these men who were out to save our Gulf, and were ready 24/7, but they have not. Health issues have cropped up for many, boats rendered useless and BP is still trying to evade paying them much of what they are owed. If you were involved with this program, and need help please fill out the form to the right.

BP Claims how we can Help

We at have come up with multiple solutions to help you with your BP Claims. For the last month I have been from Texas to Tampa and all parts in between working with people, testing and talking about new strategies. The idea has always been to Help as many people as possible, when you see the damage first hand and continually speak to people that were impacted by this tragedy, you just can`t sit on your hands. We have connected with Attorneys, Claims Adjusters, Consultants, and others, all with one goal in mind, to make you whole. Let`s face it the GCCF has not been the easiest to deal with, we have spotted trends, and studied their methodology, and depending on what type of claim you have, will depend on where we forward your information to. One of the most important aspects of all of this is the collection of your information, more is definitely not better. Attorneys, Claims Consultants, as well as Adjusters can help you gather it and format it so your BP Claims are better understood. We have talked to people on the inside they came to us, they are people just like you and me, but they have guidelines, and those guidelines must be met. So if you need help with your BP Claims we will put what we know to work for you, please fill out the form to the right and someone will get right back to you. As a general rule Adjusters/Consultants charge from 10-15% and Attorneys charge from 25%-33.3%.

We can and will help you with your BP Claims


Article: BP Claims News: States to get Punitive Damages
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



BP Settlement: Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly

BP Settlement: Insider says BP about to pay 30 Billion to settle BP Claims

BP Claims

BP Settlement Claims News: A BP insider reported to Reuters that BP may want to settle many its BP claims after the February trial date. The trial would solidify who was at fault for the Macondo well blow out. A recent report that was finished this week, put the blame squarely on BP`s shoulders. Halliburton and Transocean did share some of the responsibility, but due to the lack of oversight, cutting corners, and not releasing all the information to it`s partners, BP was ultimately responsible for the Gulf Disaster. report

My sources that are very involved with the litigation and the BP Claims process think that BP will make a large push to settle out as many claims as possible, before the February trial date. We are seeing BP Claims get paid at a record rate. By both Adjusters and Attorneys.

Your Claims value may have jumped exponentially

For Example: A Claim that was 7k may be worth 25k, this is because certain thresholds in the mass settlement will have to be reached. BP Claims that were 100k could conceivably go up to 300k or more. The exact formula has not yet been revealed, but sources close to the litigation, including an Attorney that we have been forwarding  many of your claims to, has already uploaded all of their cases to the GCCF. Why is this happening, Punitive Damages, people and businesses that were directly affected by the Oil Spill are able to receive extra money for their losses, and this scares the heck out of BP. Hence BP is getting ready to settle now.

Why will BP try to settle its BP Claims before the February trial date.

There are multiple answers to this question.

1. The BP Claims process is about to be audited by Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Hood. In my opinion this will uncover what many of us already know. The GCCF under Feinberg was slow to pay and it preyed upon desperate people by not coming through with BP Claims interim payments in a timely manner, instead denying valid  BP Claims, or giving already desperate people and Business`s Quick Pays.

In my opinion Quick Pays, having BP Claims Under review,  denying valid BP Claims, where tactics that have been used as extortion to those hoping to get paid in a timely manner. I further think that though there are a lot of good people that work at the GCCF, that the top brass at the GCCF wanted to slow things down, and in fact did so. This will be revealed by the Audit, that is forthcoming and BP and the GCCF will be held accountable. Hence it pays for them to settle now before the full picture develops.

2. BP will want jurors to believe that they have indeed tried to make things right in the Gulf before the February trial date. A massive payout to claimants before the trial starts will boost the GCCF statistics and good will. The GCCF loves to point out positive statistics, the fact still remains that most of those that have been paid out have been paid out under the Quick Pay system.

3. BP needs some positive PR. The longer the events from the OIl Spill drags out, the more BP`s reputation and business practices get tarnished. If they decide to drag this out as more news comes to light surrounding  how the oil spill was caused, and how people that people that were affected were largely ignored, by BP and the GCCF, it is my opinion that this could spur multiple lawsuits, mind you I am not a lawyer.

4. Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation, there is no good news lately for BP and they need to cut their losses,  the best way for them to do so is to make some realistic offers and to get people to accept final settlements so people don`t go and sue them down the road. BP Claims punitive damages for those directly affected by the oil spill are now applicable. The forthcoming news for BP  and the BP claims process is not going to be any good for BP and Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Getting Help With your BP Claims

We have been covering the Oil Spill since it began in April, our first site was dedicated to getting people to Catholic Charities, that morphed into helping cleanup workers that were getting sick, which eventually evolved into helping people through the BP Claims process. In order to help people and business get through the BP Claims process we developed the BP Claims Dream Team. They are the best Law firms and BP Claims Adjuster firms in the country. They cover a myriad of oil spill related instances from sick and injured clean up workers to Business that had 8 figure losses. We are dedicated to you getting the help you deserve. BP Claims and Case management is done on a contingency basis, by all members of the BP Claims Dream Team. They don`t get paid until you do, and management of your case or claim starts at 15%. The Team members are getting BP Claims paid at a record pace, I expect this to go on for the next few months, but if you want to take advantage of this current trend, it is a good time to get your BP Claims paid. Please fill out the information to the right and we will begin the process.

1-800-BP-Claim your number for BP Claims

We are very thankful that a noted member of the community realized what we are up to and helped us secure the number 1-800-BP-Claim so that we could better serve you..Thanks Tony..

We will help you with your BP Claims.


Article Source: BP
Article: BP Claims may settle out for 30 Billion Quickly
Author: BP Claims

GCCF May Revise Payment Guidelines

GCCF may reduce payment Formula

GCCF Claims Czar

Ken  Feinberg mentioned reducing his two-time formula in November on Tuesday. Some multipliers have been as much as a seven times 2010 damages. Citing a return to normalcy, as tourists are coming back, and things are improving in general, the GCCF may have to restructure the formulas it has been using for Oil Spill Claims. In November the GCCF will review and possibly revise the guidelines it uses for GCCF claims. He will be taking into account the input from environmental and economic experts regarding the effects of the Oil Spill.

GCCF Is paying Oil Spill Claims

What we are seeing now is that GCCF claims that have come through our site are getting paid, and that often the GCCF formulas don`t necessarily apply if your claim is explained to them by seasoned Oil Spill Claims Expert. We have seen an uptick in Oil Spill Claims getting paid, many of them within 45 days of being filed, or being refiled. The advent of BP Claims professionals who truly understand the Oil Spill Claims process has a lot to do with this. These Oil Spill Claims Experts understand the Claims process, they know what you need to bolster your claim, and they know how to explain it to the GCCF. Many have formed relationships with the  people at the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

GCCF Claims

So what do you do if you have a GCCF claim and it hasn`t been filed yet, or it is still sitting at the Claims Facility. If you have tried handling it yourself and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility does not seem to be cooperating, find a professional, if you think you can handle it yourself, by all means do. People in the hospitality industry specifically waiters and waitresses have seen some success here. If you have a business claim, and you want to maximize what you are owed, fill out the form to the right. Business claims are best handled by professionals, that can explain your claim. BP Claims professionals receive from 15% to 33.3% if you need the help of an Attorney. They don`t get paid until you do. We are here to help you navigate the waters of the GCCF.

The GCCF is Paying Oil Spill Claims

GCCF Claims that went though our site are getting Paid

GCCF Claims are Getting Paid

We are seeing a strong trend of GCCF Claims that have come through our site getting paid. We are happy to announce that the majority of all the claimants that have come to our site, are getting their claims paid, or their claims are at the GCCF. Why, because the groups that are processing the claims have experience putting Oil Spill Claims together.

Get what you deserve from the GCCF

We have put together an Incredible Claims Team that consists of former BP Claims Catastrophic Adjusters, Accountants, and BP Claims Attorneys. They have experience of getting your BP Claims paid, they are Oil Spill Claims Experts. They can Help you with Denied Claims, Claims that are stalled at the GCCF, and of course they can help you file a new claim with the Gulf Coast Claims facility. We can Help You Get what you deserve from the BP Claims Fund.

GCCF Offers

Has the GCCF made you an offer that you think is to low, it happens all the time. We can help you get what you actually deserve from the GCCF, different types of claims, have different calculations that are needed to substantiate your claims. The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is prone to making low ball offers, we can check out the offer, and tell you if you deserve more. All of the interim claims that I have seen come through are accompanied by a BP Claims final offer, you do not have to take the final offer, and personally I would not.

BP Claims Predation

BP Claims get Shortchanged

BP Claims Predation

After the devastating effects of the BP oil spill last year, the BP claims process was supposed to cure any financial ills of the individuals and businesses affected. The BP claims process is run by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and Ken Feinberg, it has been sorely lacking when it comes to paying BP claims in a timely fashion. Many claimants are desperate, as their home are being foreclosed, and vehicles repossessed. Many claims that have been at the GCCF have been outrightly denied after jumping through many hoops and after giving the GCCF  all of the documentation needed. Many business owners and individuals have not received any money since the GCCF took over the BP Claims process from BP.

The BP Claims 25K quick pay

It seems as though that many businesses are being offered $25,000 when their loss is much more substantial. We have been receiving phone calls from business owners and individuals that filed their BP claims last year that still have not gotten paid. Recently however we have seen a number of offers made to these businesses in the amount of 25k. These were unsolicited offers by the GCCF, in one instance a Lodge owner on Grand Isle who has a large fishing camp, and was owed over $700,000 by the GCCF was made a settlement offer of 25K. He had been waiting for over six months to receive his oil spill claims money only to receive a 25K unsolicited offer from the GCCF and Mr. Feinberg. If he accepted the 25K offer, he would be giving up his right to sue BP for any future damages, his business was clearly affected by the BP oil spill as it catered strictly to fisherman and corporate retreats that would take place at the Louisiana Fish Camp. It is astonishing that BP and the GCCF have would make such a low offer to a business that was so clearly affected by the BP oil spill

BP Claims Help

We can help you get the help you deserve for your BP claims, if you feel that the GCCF owes you more then the 5K or the 25K Quick Pays, fill out the form to the right. We have aligned ourselves with the best BP Claims Adjusters, and BP Claims Attorneys in the country, they can help you with you claims. If your claim is still at the GCCF, members of our team can go into your BP Claim while it is still sitting at the GCCF. If your claim has been denied and many have, team members can organize your claim and recalculate your claim all while still at the GCCF. If you have yet to file your BP claims and you would like help from the beginning, in organizing and presenting a claim to the GCCF we can do that too. If all avenues have been exhausted BP claims Attorneys can prepare for litigation.