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Reaction to Latest News

BP staff just heard we are bulked in with some BPClaims phony sites via some news site.  We are not even in the least a phony site.  Our moral obligation has, and always will be, to the people and businesses that were hurt by the Oil Spill.

We have taken pot shots from all over, and what we have determined is that when you are actually out to help people and expose the truth; this stuff happens.  Did we get an offer in 5 days?  Yes we did.  Do we fight our asses off for people? You bet ya.  Even folks that are not engaged with us.  Is the 5 day offer the  the norm?  Unfortunately, no.

We will continue to fight the good fight, we will continue to fight for peoples rights, and we will  never stop.

To whoever is out there  to discredit us, I invite you to our office, anytime any day.

We are here for the people…always have been,  always will be.  We are not aligned with any specific law firms or processing groups, but absolutely help a ton of them better understand what is going on, and how to help people. 

We firmly believe that each claim is best handled by people specilizing in those specific types of claims, sometimes it`s us, sometimes it`s not.

  We have one goal in mind and that’s to get people paid.  We have never received one dime from a client that did not receive a settlement themselves.