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DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help Line

deepwater horizon settlement If you have questions about your DeepWater Horizon Settlement call 1-800-BP-CLAIM. Packets were sent out late least week to 100`s of thousands of individuals and business`s that never got paid by the GCCF. Many of you have been calling over the weekend and today. The new process is even more difficult then the old one according to many of the Attorneys and Claims Preparers we have talked to.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Purchasers

There are quite a few groups out there purchasing your BP Settlements right now. We have spoken to several of the firms that offer these services, their terms were quite different. If you decide to let one of these groups buy your settlement, read the fine print. We have heard that large groups of fishermen are being targeted by these groups because of the potentially large payouts, if you don`t need to take these settlements you may just want to wait it out a little longer. You have waited this long to get your BP Claims paid, it looks like you may just have to wait a bit longer, we hope.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement the word on the Street

After talking to the leading Attorneys and Claims Adjusters, the word on the street is, this system, except for a few exceptions is much more difficult then the GCCF system was. Many of them were quite ecstatic knowing that they would be employed for the next several years. Multiple claims and different documentation for each claim combined with different zones and industries makes for a very complex system. Even though Deep Water Horizon Settlement Fund is pitching it`s new electronic form filing as much easier, we will maintain a wait and see attitude on this.

What happens to the business that has several stores in zone A, one store in zone B, and a dozen in zone D, nobody seems to have that answer, yet.

The good news from the DeepWater Horizon Settlement fund is all of the papers previously filed with the GCCF will be available in the new DeepWater Horizon Settlement System.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Thoughts

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement is not going to be the Settlement Solution everyone was hoping for. The mechanisms that will be utilized to figure out the claims was built with needing help in mind, remember this settlement was arranged by the Attorneys of the Plaintiff Steering Committee, do you really think they would ax themselves and the other attorneys out of a job, instead I think they may have insured their work load for a long time.

Voices from Down in the Bayou

Since we hear so much from the people making a living from the Gulf these days, we have decided to start another section to the Blog. We will report what is going on and let you all know what is happening on the front lines. Pogey fishermen are seeing a drastic decline in oil coming from their fish, what was around 14% fish oil pre spill, has declined along with fish size to 4-6%. This is bad news for these men and women, and they fear it is the tip of the iceberg. Also we are hearing that many of the fishermen and shrimpers are seeing a lot of oil out there, the patties and oil are hurting their nets and rigging.

Another fishermen  was telling me that since they are about as broke as broke can be, they are eating most of what they catch,  he went on to tell me they catch the fish that are just coming in, because you don`t want to eat the ones that have been in the bays and bayous to long. This is the same group that was the only group capped under the DeepWater Horizon Settlement at 2.3 Billion, which is ridiculous and still doesn`t make any sense to me.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help

If you need Help with your DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims we have Attorneys and Claims Adjusters that can help you. They will charge from 15%-25%, only after you get paid.

We will Help You with Your DeepWater Horizon Settlement.