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DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims

Either you are In or you are Out of the BP Settlement

  Many of you are now opted out or opted in to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. In a few days, on the 8th, the Fairness Hearing should be over and the Judge will have to make some tough decisions.

As many of you know I am for the BP Settlement, I am for whatever get`s people paid. Are their issues, sure they are, are they working on straightening them out, yes they are.

People in our network have had extensive meetings with the Leadership, and they all, including me believe their hearts are in the right place. They want to pay your claims.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement Process Today

So, what is happening in the claims process these days?  Well, there are some getting paid, and some are moving through different parts of the review process, some have been denied, some incomplete, some accepted the offer, and are still waiting to be paid, while others got paid very quickly. If you were denied or deemed incomplete don`t despair we can still help you.

There are people in the Network that specialize in.

  • New Claims
  • Incomplete Claims
  • DeepWater Horizon Settlement Appeals
  • Denied Claims
  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Seafood Claims
  • Government Claims

I think when the DeepWater Horizon Settlement gets through the Fairness Hearing it will be a more streamlined process. There will be a lot of claims lost to Opt Outs, and to be frank many of those claims did not fit into the settlement. The settlement has certain parameters, either claims fit or they don`t fit.

I further believe that when the settlement has been ratified that it will allow certain entities to staff up more fully because then and only then they will KNOW that there is a Settlement…right now we are not even sure there will be a settlement though it looks awful good. This is just one more mechanism to pay people, OPA is another, and I would expect that we will see even more mechanisms as time goes by, besides just litigation.

The BP Claims Network

Sometimes it pays to have Many different entities filing Claims.

We are seeing some folks in our Network get claims paid faster then other firms and processors within the network, I am not sure why this is, but I can tell you for sure it is happening. All we want is to see is your BP Claims get Paid. Certain Attorneys/Processors are getting claims paid within 30-45 days after the initial offer, some a bit longer, and some are still waiting.  Two groups within the network were asked to get new Power of Attorney forms signed by clients, while some were not, some had to get a new 4506 Forms signed so the people at the fund can talk directly to the IRS, I believe this slowed down the process some, but they should see payments soon.

Approximately 8 Million Dollars in Claims have received Offers, and just over 2 Million Dollars has been received.

People on our Facebook are seeing their claims change statuses, but not a lot of money getting paid out, a certain Attorney however is showing great results along with a another processor, but they are the exceptions not the norm. Many are still waiting and probably will be till after the 8Th.

I keep hearing on the 8Th a lot of claims are going to be paid. We will see.

If you have a claim fill out the form to the right and we will see what we can do for you, God bless and Best of luck.