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DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fairness Hearing News and more

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fairness Hearing News

deepwater horizon settlement  Yesterday was a big day for people that are or want to be a part of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.  Attorneys from around the Gulf and beyond, brought up their objections and opinions to Judge Barbier, they addressed the issues that they had with the BP Settlement.

Some Attorneys had some very valid points especially around people that had fallen ill, and it was pointed out that though there is a lot of testing going on, what about actually helping the people that are sick. There has not been one red cent allocated for that, and some of these people are seriously ill, and the settlement may not work for many who are seriously ill. They need help now.

My overall opinion of how the Judge handled things was very good, he smelled out self serving attorneys, that were just trying to make changes in the Settlement in minutes, and quickly exposed their true motives. He was genuinely concerned in what he saw as glitches within the Settlement. In the end he went through the pros and cons and mentioned how the Exxon Valdez still has some proceedings going on 23 years later, and he didn`t want that to happen here. He spoke highly of Pat Juneau and the work he and his staff are undertaking, and in the end I believe he will sign off on the BP Settlement.

My Belief is the DeepWater Horizon Settlement will be approved.

There are still alot of issues that need to be addressed, I`m not sure how they will, but for sure they will one way or another. The DeepWater Horizon Settlement will not be a platform for them however. When the Settlement is ratified it will be exactly as you see it today, atleast that`s what I am betting on.

There are attorneys that are taking in clients that took quick pays based upon signing under duress, especially fishermen, and people making a living from the Water. It seems as though they are particularly interested in these claims, and who knows if they get somewhere with these, it could open the door for others.

The Settlement should mature from what we have seen so far as processes are refined, staff is put into the proper places according to need, and an overall better system evolves.

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