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Fishermen Frustrated over the GCCF

Frustrated fishermen staged another protest Tuesday morning outside the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

This marks the fourth time they’ve demonstrated over what they say is “unfair treatment” in the BP claims process.

The fishermen say they’re tired of waiting on oil spill claims checks they say should have been forthcoming long ago. Several say they may be forced to sell their boats just to cover their mortgage.

One longtime fisherman, fed up with red tape and waiting, said he’ll be hiring a lawyer next week.

“We’re getting tired of the lies. We’re getting tired of spending our time out here trying to stand up for what’s right.  They’re lying to us. They’re stalling. We ain’t going for it. Tired of it,” said Mark Stewart.

Several fishermen are convinced the non-payment of their claims is part of a stalling strategy by Ken Feinberg, a deliberate delay aimed at pushing them to the point of desperation.

“To intentionally make our bills pile up.  Make us in fear of losing our homes and our boats. Our financial future is in peril. And he’s doing it just so we take whatever he offers us in the end,” said T.J. Hinton.


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