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GCCF and BP Claims

There is a sudden uptick of well put together claims that have all of their paperwork organized, this surge can be credited to individuals and business`s that have already seen their accountants. This very helpful when making an application for your BP or GCCF claim. If you have all of your paperwork together, and can prove your losses to the GCCF you may try and handle your BP or GCCF claim yourself. Please note that the GCCF and Feinberg are not considered independent. You will have to negotiate your interim or final claim with the GCCF representative. There are many offers being made to claimants at this point, many of them are BP quick pay`s, where you are offered 5k as an individual, and 25k for a business, then you have to sign off on suing BP. This is attractive to some people. but extortion to others, as the GCCF`s slow rate of pay has left many desperate, and willing to take anything. This is part of BP`s strategy to wear people down. Many individuals and business`s are utilizing Interim claims payments, as the extent of damage to them, or their business has not been fully accounted for yet. If you need help with your claim, you may want to speak with an oil spill attorney, filling out the form to the right will help us get them to you.

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