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GCCF Claim Paperwork

Documentation for your GCCF final claim

The documentation that you need for the final claim is very important, this is what they will base their revue on. So if there is missing paperwork, or something that does not correlate, this is where problems could be. Remember even if you get an offer from GCCF you can always submit a new claim and hope for a better outcome before you go an get an attorney. It will take the same amount of time 2-3 months as of now.

So lets take a look of the documentation you should get together for the GCCF to file your final claim

Individual GCCF final claim.

-Tax returns. 2008 -2009-2010 ( 3 tax returns if possible)

– W2 or 1099 and pay stubs from work

-Tips should be documented somehow if possible, if nothing else a letter from your employeer

-If you where fired or hours were reduced in 2010, a letter from your employer stating that business was slow because of the oil spill and your hours got reduced or you were let go.

-If needed a letter explaining your hardship (certain cases)

-explaining how your damages (lost wages, lost job etc.) were a result of the oil spill

-a letter explaining how you tried to make up your lost income or lost work eg. out looking for new job etc.

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