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How We Work

How We Handle your BP and GCCF Claims

We work with SEVERAL Different Law Firms and Adjusters that all have different areas of specialization with Oil Spill Claims. This guarantees that your BP Claims are handled by a Oil Spill Attorney`s and Adjusters that are already familiar with your type of BP Claim. This insures that your claim will be processed quicker and more efficiently, and you will get Paid faster.

Oil Spill Claims Attorneys and Adjusters Specialize in

BP Business Claims

Individual Claims

Vessels of Opportunity Claims

Sick and Injured Oil Spill Clean Up Workers

Property Claims

Denied Claims

What You Can Expect from The Dream Team we have connected with

They will let you know if you have a valid claim in your initial conversation or very shortly thereafter Free of Charge

This saves everyone a lot of time and lets you know where you stand immediately

They will Prepare your Oil Spill Claims Documents for you

Oil Spill Attorneys that have areas of Specialization know EXACTLY what the GCCF requires for your type of Oil Spill Claim

Your Documents will be prepared CORRECTLY the first time around

This allows you not to worry about the BP Claims process and focus on other things such as running your Business, working, finding work and of course Family

They will Submit all Documents for You

Oil Spill Attorneys know what documents are needed and have a track record with the GCCF.

Many Attorneys have hired former staff from the GCCF, this allows for a much smoother intake process

They will handle All Negotiations for You

The GCCF has been difficult for many people to deal with and they have tried to Bully Claimants into taking low ball offers and Quick Pays, this won`t happen.

They will Resubmit you BP Oil Spill Claims if they are too low or the offer is to low

If Necessary They will move forward to litigation as a last recourse

All the Attorneys we have connected with have been screened thoroughly, and we have been working with ALL of them for over a year now. They have Track Records in this process that are impeccable. They have gotten people paid, often much more then they ever thought was due them. They have leadership positions in the MDL, and one has gotten his clients the Largest settlement form BP ever.

All the Attorneys we currently work with have promised a quick response time to your questions, and keep up with client contact and notifications, you will not get lost in the shuffle.

If you ever have any problems with ANY of the above mentioned call us IMMEDIATELY and we will deal with it for you at 1-800-BP-CLAIM


This is Our Pledge to You









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