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GCCF Claims Process Proves Inconsistent

The GCCF is Inconsestent

Just when you think maybe, just maybe the reasonable offers for Interim and final claims being made by the GCCF are going to continue, and we are hopefully entering a new phase of GCCF cooperation, think again.

GCCF, Denials & Questionable Offers

In the last week we saw the beginning of what many saw as some positive movement by the GCCF, only to end up the week with a rash of denials and questionable offers. After speaking to so many of you, and hearing horror story on top of horror story, it is clear to me that this whole process is a crap shoot at best.

BP funds & the GCCF

There really is no consistency as to who gets paid and who doesn`t, the spicket has been turned on, but the flow is anything but steady. Is it because BP only funds the GCCF with 1.25 Billion per quarter, and are juggling the payouts some think so. It seems as though there was just a wave of claims that had reasonable offers to bizzarro world, all with in a week. It would be fabulous if the GCCF instead of provoking a feeling of angst and unsureness with claimants, provided a feeling of confidence and fairness.

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The GCCF is supposed to serve the victims of the Oil Spill not make more of them.

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