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GCCF Delays and BP Claims

GCCF is still up to it`s Dirty Tricks

The GCCF most often stalls claims by mislabeling documents inside your claim, often people are given deficiency letters for documents the Gulf Coast Claims Facility already has. They have been doing this for some time.  The GCCF has also been making ridiculous Quick Pay offers to many businesses that suffered much more substantial losses. GCCF Denied Claims are also on the rise.

GCCF Stall Tactics


GCCF Tactics

While the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and BP are supposed to be making everything right it also seems they are in the business of trying to frustrate people who have legitimate BP Claims, and hoping they will just go away. This is a tactic that is used by unscrupulous insurance companies and it does work. The GCCF often mislabels documents within their file for your claim, then you are given a letter of deficiency and many find themselves sending in the same paperwork they all ready have sent to cure the deficiency. The GCCF is also slow to process claims, they have a history of telling people that your claim has gone to the next level, and saying everything looks good for it, but when it goes up the chain, you are asked to wait for more determinations, we have also heard of GCCF Claims that have gone to the accounting department and claimants are told the check is forthcoming, only to get denied or asked for more information. For many it is like being a hamster in a wheel, running fast to go nowhere.

GCCF Quick Pays are Preying on the Desperate

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been making ridiculous offers for BP Business Claims, and the 25k offers that many are seeing from the GCCF are often just a fraction of what is owed to the claimants. One of our BP Claims Adjusters recently had an offered increased by over 1500%, that`s right 1500%, it was a battle with the GCCF, and it got paid. This is an important point, you need a firm that will FIGHT for your money, not let the GCCF tell them what you should be paid. If you have a received a Quick Pay offer members of the BP Claims Team will check it out at no charge, and tell you what you are actually owed.

The BP Claims Team is getting GCCF Claims Paid

Members of the Team are fighting for your BP Claims money and they are doing a great job. If the Gulf Coast Claims Facility makes you an offer, get it checked out , members of the Team will do it at no charge. If they can get you more they will, and they have. Many Claims are settled for 15% of what Team members receive for you from the GCCF. If your claim was denied or if you have not filed one we can help you.


Article Source: BP Claims
Article: GCCF Delays and BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

GCCF Delays and BP Claims

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