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GCCF expands field for potential Claims

GCCF has each week expanded on who can file for a GCCF final claim, first it was the Oil Spill Workers, then the moratorium claims, the real estate industry claims, and now the casino workers. The scope of people that can file is widening.

Another update from Mr. Feinberg  was that 380 claims that were appealed to the US Coast Guard Claims Fund was ruled in favor of the GCCF, so the decision that GCCF has made on the amount of money to give to an oil spill victim was held up by the US Coast Guard Fund.  This decision does not bode well if you feel the GCCF has not treated you fairly.  At which point you may want to hire an attorney to seek other legal remedies. The choices are yours, many seem to try and work with GCCF lately only to turn to Attorneys if the settlement offer is to low.

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