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GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less

GCCF Helps the Crabbers and Shrimpers Finally

GCCF Victim

GCCF Finally Helps

GCCF pay Czar Ken Feinberg changed the rules once again, for some it was a plus and others a definitive minus. The Shrimpers and the Crabbers were given a better deal, Finally. Here is the meat of the new GCCF Deal for the shrimpers and crabbers affected. The question is, and this is the big question, will the GCCF finally pay their BP Claims.
1) Four times each claimant’s 2010 Actual Documented Losses (except for claimants with 2010 losses in excess of $500,000); or
2) The total actual documented losses through the date of the determination of the Final Claim.

GCCF makes it more difficult for Others

On September 3 we told you the GCCF was going to make some changes in November. They Did

Individuals and Business`s that live along the Gulf of Mexico, but were not in the direct path of the spill, will find it harder to prove damages. Primarily these areas lie to the West and the South of the direct path of where the oil spill washed ashore. Documentation for Individual and Business Claimants, even if on the Florida Peninsula Gulf Shoreline, will have to prove a causal link between the Spill and their loss of income. This new rule is immediately effective, as of 11/30/11 and will be retroactively applied to all claims that are, as you know the phrase, ‘still under review.
The issue with this is that there is some evidence that these areas did rebound, as did some areas that were directly affected by the Spill. The problem with this is that many individuals and businesses suffered catastrophic losses in 2010 or their business did not grow as expected and they suffered serious setbacks, and this needs to be accounted for, and now further explained to the GCCF. Furthermore, there are many individuals and businesses who did not file a claim for losses in 2010 because, though they realized a loss caused by the Spill, they made the false assumption they could not file because oil did not touch Florida Peninsula Gulf beaches. As you know, the whole Florida Peninsula still bared the stigma of BP’s extreme negligence. Tourists did not come here, because of the Spill; seafood industry harvesters and processors could not work, because of the Spill.
The increased difficulty for you to prove your claim against BP is unjust, without cause, without warning, proper notice and is a discriminatory practice of justice. It’s another scheme to allow BP to skate by without honoring its obligations to us. Which is why, we are here, because we will hold BP accountable.

The GCCF Giveth and the GCCF Taketh Away

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is getting some great press for giving the shrimpers and crabbers a higher payout. What you’re not hearing about, is how they are going to take the money from one group and give it to another, which is basically what they are doing. In the end the money they are trying to withhold from groups in the Florida Peninsula and Texas will eclipse the money that they are going to be giving to the Crabbers and Shrimpers for their BP claims. Do you really believe the BP propaganda commercials? Did you get paid fairly? No? What’s the matter, still ‘under review?’ Do you really believe all is well? Did you have a booming season? What? No? BP disagrees and is content on telling you otherwise. Are you going to stand for it?

Didn’t think so.

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Article: GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


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