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GCCF Interim Claims and what Gulf Coast Attorney Generals Think

“Due to the speculative nature of estimating a final claim value and the breadth of the GCCF release, the Attorneys General advise claimants against accepting any form of final payment or signing any release without first thoroughly reviewing and understanding the GCCF’s terms,” the Attorneys General from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana wrote in December. “Claimants are strongly encouraged to consult with counsel before signing final claim paperwork with the GCCF.”

Feinberg said in an email it would be wrong to infer from the GCCF data that Quick Pay claims are being favored. The GCCF has hired local attorneys in communities on the Gulf Coast to represent them in claim disputes. Locally, the firm Burke Blue is working for the GCCF. Lawyers with the firm referred questions to a spokeswoman for the GCCF, who referred questions to Feinberg.

Feinberg, who has also heard criticism from BP that settlements are too generous, said the claim that BP is starving people out and forcing them to settle for less out of desperation is “absolutely false.” Nobody is forced to take any settlement, and interim payments are an option, he said.

“All I hear on the other side is that there’s economic compulsion,” Feinberg said. “People take the final payment because they’ve already been compensated.

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