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Getting your BP Claim Paid

The biggest problem GCCF is having according to them is documentation from the oil spill victims.

They are lacking basic tax returns or W2 for lost income. I don’t believe they are lacking this stuff from businesses, its mostly individual claims that are missing documentation.

Or so the GCCF says. I hear from many people over the 800 number that have given them all the documentation they have asked for, and still only gets offered a Quick Pay of $5,000.

If you are having trouble with documentation or what to give the GCCF, visit a local GCCF office and ask them point blank what documentation you should submit with your claim. If you need to consult with a CPA or an attorney for some of this documentation do so, and get you final settlement offer from GCCF. After you get the settlement offer, ask an attorney for a free claims review and see if the number is right. Lots of times the GCCF is low balling people with a Quick Pay offer of $5,000 to see if they will take it. If your final settlement offer is to low don`t take it, the ball is in your court.

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